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“Please do more Shootouts!

Hi Cubby,

I love the Shootout reviews yall did a few yrs back for the 2WD SCT, I bought my Torment 2WD mostly because of it. It’s a great truck! I’m thinking of buying the new Easter egg color Torment 4×4 coming out in June. Any plans on doing an updated SC Shootout review for 2018? Also, a friend of mine is looking into the hobby, but he insists on a gas-powered truck, more scale than MT. Any plans for an entry-level gas truck Shootout in the future? I know it’s asking alot since these reviews would take more time and work, etc, but just wishing hopefully… Thanks and keep up the great work!


Tai C.”

Cubby- Yo hey Tai, thanks for writing in and we’ll get ya hooked up with a sticker pack.

So ya, shootouts get HUGE numbers for us. The problem is, they take ten times longer to do than a normal review. A shootout is really a 2-3 week process that involves more than a half dozen people. We love doing them, I mean, it really is cool to be able to run cars back-to-back so we can truly tell which one is best, but they use a lot of resources. We have long lists of awesome shootouts, and we still have not done what I think is the most important of all, a 1/8th monster truck shootout.

Yes, we need to make shootouts more of a focus, and ideally we would like to do 1 per quarter. We are just hoping for a turn-around among the industry so we can put more time, money, and energy into articles that we know will blow our readers away, just like our shootouts always do.



As you are supposed to know anything and everything, what’s going on with the FCC and HobbyKing? There have been a lot of rumors, is there smoke where there’s fire?

Nathan B.”

Cubby- Hey ya there Nate, how’s life? Thanks for writing in, shoot me your snail mail for a sticker pack.

So, what do I know about the FCC and Hobbyking? Well… I am no lawyer, but from a court doc I read earlier in the week it sounded like the FCC was wanting to impose a penalty of 2.8 million dollars against Hobbyking for selling FPV video transmitters that were not in compliance with FCC regulations. The same document also stated something to the effect that even after being warned, Hobbyking continued to sell the product that was not in compliance. I don’t really know any of the higher up guys at Hobbyking, so I don’t really keep track of them or their business, so I have zero idea what was going on, but from what little I know, it looks like there is some sort of issue going on.

You’ve probably heard the saying “Don’t mess with the FCC”, and that is for a good reason. We, meaning rc hobbyists, don’t want our radio gear being interfered with by other hobbies or industries, and the return is just as true. We don’t want our radio gear causing an issue with full sized aircraft or communications, just as we don’t want a HAM radio guy causing interference on our bash truck’s radio gear.

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