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Good morning,

Me and my friends are fans of your website. Have you planned to test the GMADE GS02 BOM?

Best regards from Switzerland

Julien D.”

Cubby- Well hello there Julien, thanks for writing in. As I look over some of our web numbers, we really have been making some progress in Europe, thanks for finding our site.

Oh yes, about that Gmade BOM, it certainly is a cool looking scale truck. Let me get with the guys over at HRP Distributing here in America and see if I can line up some sort of hardcore review. We really haven’t reviewed enough Gmade vehicles, and personally I would like to see where they stack up. The competition in that market is getting fiercer every day, but all the new Gmade stuff is looking pretty on-point!

“Information please

Hi Cubby, I am getting ready to buy my first truck. I have looked all over the internet and talked to people at my local hobby shop too. I want a ready to run, but don’t know if I should go brushed or brushless. Will brushed have enough power down the road? Will brushless be too fast off the start? Should I buy Traxxas or ARRMA?


Marvin C.”

Cubby- Ya know Marvin, we get lots of questions like yours. Indeed, it can be a difficult decision between brushed or brushless. Then, you have to decide the style of the vehicle, then which manufacturer, etc. Whewwwww, it does take a fair amount of research by a potential customer to just start wrapping their heads around our entire hobby. Any which ways…

Will brushed have enough power to feel “fast” to you once you are past the noobie phase? That depends on the person. I know people who can be 100% satisfied with the power from a stock brushed RTR motor, but most of the people I know end up going brushless. Brushless is more efficient and simply more powerful. Brushless systems are also easy to “tone down” a bit if they are too powerful for an application. But more importantly Marvin, many of the new brushless RTRs come with radio settings to back the power way down for first time drivers. This makes it easy for you to learn how to drive (and saves you a BUNCH of broken parts), then once you get the hang of things, turn it up to full yank and you will never lack for raw power.

About which is better, Traxxas or ARRMA, that’s an easy one. Both have outstanding products, so you pretty much won’t go wrong with those two brands. Be sure and shoot me a pic of whatever you end up buying!!!

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