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“Losi Super Rock Rey

Hey dawg,

When is your SRR review going live bro?

Lex H.”

Cubby- Wazzzup with you Lex-ster? Thanks for writing in.

Ya know, I just love short, to the point, letters. And luckily for you, our SRR review should be going live just about any time now. We are finishing up some loose ends, but expect it in the next few days.

We got our original test vehicle a long time ago, like well over a month ago. We’ve put in pack-after-pack-after-pack and the SRR sure was impressive. While I won’t spill all the beans here, if you want one off the first order, seriously, you are gonna want to get one on Pre-Order ASAP down at your local hobby shop. And just why do we expect for it to really take off? Because the large scale off-road rock crawling/racing segment is on the verge of exploding. The Super Rock Rey is a GREAT start to a serious large scale rock racing rig, in fact, we can’t wait to lock all the diffs and start doing some large scale rock racing with it ourselves.

Peace and love “bro”, and don’t forget to send me a couple pics of your SRR when you have it in-hand!



WTF is up with that Amazon car? Could they make it any uglier? I still can’t figure out how you drive it????????????????

Conway C.”

Cubby- Good day there Conway, as always just shoot me a snail mail for a sticker pack.

Hey man, I did an entire Cub Report on that Amazon rig, but needless to say, it would have taken thousands of more words to fully describe it and all its features fully.

So WTF is up with that car? Boy, great question, as I am totally not in that loop. I have talked a bit with our resident pseudo-autonomous expert 3D Bill out of our Chicago office and he didn’t seem real stoked on it. It sounds like small scale autonomous racing has already got some roots laid down, I seriously need to get out of the office and get my hands wet in that scene. To boil it down, we plan on doing a big write-up on the Amazon car to give everyone, including ourselves, some first hand autonomous racing info.

Could they make it any uglier? Well, that tall end, the black end, is the front! And the small (painted grey) end is the rear. There are an awful lot of sensors under the hood of that beast, so it is easy to see why the body is shaped like it is, but ya, hopefully in the future they can throw on a body that is a bit more eye pleasing.

How do you actually drive it? YOU don’t. It drives itself silly guy! Your part is in the programming and setting up/tweaking of the sensors, as well as the chassis.

Have a dire question? Need a ridiculous answer? Feel like burning down the entire internet, but decided to just mail me instead? Email me- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com.

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