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“Losi Baja Rey

Hi guys, I am a big fan of your guys work on the site. I am wondering if you guys are doing a Baja Rey review? I along with many others would love to see this. You guys do excellent reviews and it would be awesome if you guys did one for this truck.

Any plans for this?


Cubby- Ya know Shelby, we would love to do a review on the Losi Baja Rey. However, we are like crazy slammed at the moment working on other reviews, nor have we received one for review, so I don’t see it happening. That might very well change, as one might show up tomorrow, we just never know. I have never driven one, so I can’t give you the hook-up on whether it is good or bad, but I do know a lot of people are interested in it (I probably get one email a day about it), and they won’t cut the check until they find out whether we thought it was decent or not. To boil it down, I will have Brian shoot out an email and see what we can do. Just for you Shelby because you are that cool. 🙂

“Halix Discontinued?

What’s up Cubby?

What’s with the recent price drop on the Halix? At $250 it seems like a steel, but is this a sign that HH/Vaterra is going to kill it off in favor of the new Losi TEN-MT? I may have to pick up a Halix since I’ve been really happy with my Vaterra Glamis and prerunner.

You guys seem to really like the Halix, but is the Losi a better truck? Early word in the interwebs suggests that where the Halix had driveshaft issues (running 3s), the losi may have some overheating issues.

Sitting in the rc wasteland that is West-central NJ


Cubby- Hey ya Glen, thanks for the email. Nope, I don’t have any inside scoop for ya on this one. However, Horizon/Vaterra is known for discounting products that are going to be disco’ed or replaced with a newer model. On one hand, consumers can get used to that and decided to hold off on buying a product until it starts being discounted. On the other hand, it is a good way for consumers to get a great deal on a truck before the next big thing comes along.

If you have been waiting to cut the check, for sure go ahead and do so. $249 is a great dealio on the Hälix and we are huge fans of the truck. Yes, you are going to need to upgrade the driveshafts ASAP (MIP YO), after that it is pretty much a beast that is one of the most fun trucks I have ever driven. And yes, it is one of the few that I have actually paid money to own. When you “work in the industry” virtually anything is just a phone call away for free, but I actually paid cash money for mine, and I still drive mine all the time. That should tell you something.

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