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“Best Charger (Very smart) for use with CROSS RC TRUCK?

Hello from Norway, I am English, but have lived in Norway many years.

It is a pleasure to finally contact you after a long time on your site which is superb by the way. I hope you do not mind me contacting you out of the blue like this, but I could really do with some expert help please? the forums are not to helpful to me?think its because I am a total novice. I have waited 60+ years to finally be in a position to buy an RC Model, and I am having a *CROSS RC TRUCK* Built for me, as I have to many health issues to be able to undertake the work myself.

I understand the truck maybe takes 1 (2s)- 7.4 volt lipo I have spent days reading,researching,and watching videos,on *CHARGERS & BATTERIES*

Now I need something a *very smart charger* because I am scared of potential mistakes, I am using the model at home in our big garden. Do not need field (Charger) and I do not think I require those big guys which charge the smaller batts. the guy who is selling me the TRUCK says 2s 7.4volt (is this the max power for this truck?) I will only ever have the one model, so not lots of different batteries just what the truck uses. I suppose the batteries in the pistol grip transmitter (I assume *Nimh*) can be charged elsewhere unless their is a charger which will do both. I prefer a plug in the mains type charger,but it must be clever intuitive if possible and top quality.

I think the charger choice is my biggest Decision, so your help greatly appreciated. Re batteries have never used a lipo or even held one. I did notice lots of folk going for the *GENS Batteries?* what would your favorite most stable choice be?

Finally if I may I like the idea of a *PISTOL GRIP TRANSMITTER *My TRUCK will have lights and synchronized sound,+ normal operating functions can you suggest a smart *top quality Pistol grip* for me please. so at least I can look at the options,but I will need to learn how to use them.

I like the way you test everything very honestly and whilst I am not in the RC Racing world I am sure with all the combined knowledge you guys have will set me right.

Thanking you very much

All the best,

Steve S.”

Cubby- So yo yo yo there Steve, thanks for writing in.

First off, I am gonna go with the question about the transmitter. Myself and the rest of the BSRC Bash Crew are big fans of the Spektrum DX5 Rugged, and it should work very well for your build. It has 5 channels, so it should have more than enough to work with your lights, extra sound, etc. Also, you can use normal alkaline AA batteries to power it, you can use rechargeable NiMH, or you can use a rechargeable Lithium based pack.

Now, on to your main question. You are looking for a very safe charging system. IMO, the two “smartest” charging system are the Traxxas iD chargers and the new Spektrum Smart Chargers. Both systems use a unique battery connector to ensure proper battery charging with the Traxxas using a Traxxas style connector, and the Spektrum uses the new IC3 (or larger IC5). To be able to use a “smart” charger on your Cross RC scaler, the builder will need to put a proper corresponding battery connector on whichever ESC that you end up using. Once that is done, all you have to do is hit one button to safely get your smart pack charging, then later pop it in your truck and get some crawling in.

However, regardless of how “safe” or “smart” a charger may be, you will want to be in the same room while a battery is charging. Yes, smart chargers are easy to use and the safest chargers yet to hit the market, you never want to leave a charging battery unattended.

Have fun and I can’t wait to see some pics of your finished build.


Hi Cubby, I am a new hobbyist, but find myself overwhelmed. There are so many different cars to pick from, I hope you can help.

At a rather young looking 67 years old, I am going to buy my first hobby grade rc car. Over the last 6 months I have been looking at website and forums and have decided to buy a new Traxxas Rustler 4×4. My question for you is, should I get a brushed or spring for the VXL version?

Thanks for the advice,

Brad E.”

Cubby- Yo hey Bad Brad, thanks for shooting me an email. If you send me your snail mail I will get you one of our uber BSRC sticker packs.

So, I find it interesting that you are getting into the hobby for the first time at 67, but welcome aboard. Maybe you’ve always wanted a legit hobby grade vehicle but life always got in the way, or maybe you are just finding out about the hobby for the first time. Any which way, you weren’t kidding when you said that it can be a bit overwhelming when looking at new products. For example, a noobie would have plenty of “homework” on the forums if they were looking for a new scale crawler, or 1/10 monster truck, etc, because there are so many vehicles in those classes. That can be a good thing though, we’ve been lucky over the years to amasses some awesome vehicles to bash with in our hobby.

So, to get to your question, should you go brushed or brushless? With this being your very first car, I would absolutely recommend going brushed. The brushed version of the Rustler 4×4 still has power to be fun to bash with, yet its power is soft enough to make it easy for a first timer to drive. Later, when your skills have progressed and you are looking for power insanity, you can easily install a VXL brushless power system into your truck.

So that’s my advice, feel free to send me an email letting me know what you ended up buying.

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