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“Dirty rc

Good day Cubby,

Just got my hands on a used RC and it is a mess of silicone diff and shock oil with caked on dirt, slightly rusty parts. I want to know what you guys use to clean out dirty rc cars and refurbish ole’ ones. You guys bash hard and I also wonder what kind of cleaning maintenance you do after a hard session.

Thanks for this column. Always a fun read.

Gustavo R.”

Cubby- Yo hey G-Man, thanks for writing in. We’ll get a sticker pack headed out your way.

Personally, I used to be one of “those guys” that always had to have a perfectly clean car. That was back in my racing days. Now days, I just don’t do a lot of cleaning. I will before a demo/bash/event, but otherwise, my stuff remains dirty. Well, unless I’ve been driving in water, in that case, I will typically rinse off my rig with clean water, make a dozen high speed passes, then sit it in front of a fan. But that’s just me, I am getting lazy in my old age.

When I do actually break down and do some serious cleaning, I have been using the Absolute Force Cleaner & Degreaser from Dynamite. Why do I use this particular cleaner? Well, it comes in a big bottle, and it works. Oh and, it doesn’t blow up my wallet either. It’s about $8 and I’ve found it takes a LOT of work out of getting a filthy car back to being clean again.


Hey Cubby,

Huge Fan, love BSRC and the Cub Report! My question relates to chargers, specifically, which is best dual battery charger? I currenty have a Duratrax Onyx 245, which I love, but I want to know what would be the next (and possibly final) upgraded step for battery chargers?? I’m a huge basher, so dual charging is a must, but more would be nice.

Thank You.

Paul H.”

Cubby- Hey ya Paulie, thanks for taking the time to write in. If you hook us up with your snail mail, we will get you one of our cool sticker packs.

So… the best dual port charger. First off, that is going to be a different charger for different people. For example, if you were a racer guy, I would probably recommend an iCharger 308. I use one of those at the track, and while they are PITA to learn (and to sometimes use), and they don’t really give the best charge, they definitely have a ton of power on tap.

For a basher like yourself, the Duratrax Onyx 245 is a solid charger. It is easy to use and gives a good quality charge. What it lacks most is what you get at higher price points, more power.

By the way, with you being a basher, and this website devoted to bashing, I would like to recommend everyone out there that if you bash, you are going to want at least a DC capable charger. Some chargers on the market are strictly AC, which is fine when charging at home, but nearly worthless when at a city park or way out in the boonies on the trail. An AC/DC unit is definitely preferred for the bashing crowd.

For you, to make a step up in power, features, channels, and cell count, I would cut the check on a Hitec X4 Pro. The X4 Pro is a 4 channel charger that can handle 6S packs and charge a pair of channels at 10 amps, with the other pair capable of charging at 5. It is super easy to use and the quality of its charge is quite good. Oh yes, and it is AC/DC, so it is just as easy to use at home as it is in the Costco parking lot.

Whoop there it is, another ASK Cubby is a wrap. Do you have something on your mind? Have you lost your mind completely? Desperately need the answer to a question? If so, hit me up- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com.

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