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“Help CEN CTR 5.0 To Off Road

Hi, I hope you can help me with my CENB CT5. What I’m trying to do is convert my ct5 in a semi off road or in some way protect de internals pieces (spurs, belts, and other parts). The chassis has too many open spaces and rocks and dusts come in very easily i hope you can help with any ideas or pieces replace suggestion.

Heriberto A.”

Cubby- Whoa there Herb, so you are wanting to convert a nitro on-road car to off-road? OK, so I’ve seen stranger, but I am going to have to think about this one for a minute.

Hummmm… let’s see. So a couple of things. I wouldn’t shoot for an off-roader with your CEN, I would go for making it more into a rally car. I would put a bit more droop into the suspension for more overall wheel travel, then I would bolt on some aggressively treaded rally style tires (HPI #4470 are some of my favorites).

To help keep rocks and debris out of the chassis, I would probably look for something Like This. There is a link to a Dusty Motors protection shroud, which is kind of like a bag that is used to keep out debris. I have no idea if they make one for a touring style car, but you get the general principle and should be able to make a custom one with things from around the house.

Otherwise, you can cut Lexan/polycarbonate to cover some of the gaps in the chassis of your car. You can also look into chassis protectors (or a couple layers of clear packing style tape) which would do a great job of keeping rocks from coming through the chassis.

Peace and love, peace and love, and if you do convert to off-road, I Really wanna see video after you are done. 🙂

Oh and, don’t forget to send us your snail mail for a sticker pack.

“Dirt Video

Hi Cubby,

Thanks for your answer and for linking our video in “Ask Cubby”!!! I really appreciate that but…you weren’t paying attention LOL!!! We did a big session in the dirt a few months ago!!! I literally put my blood into this!!! 🙂

Here are the links:

Blood & Dust 1
Blood & Dust 2

Unfortunately we live in a big city and there aren’t so many bashing spot where we can (legally) go with our trucks!!! In 2017 we did a tour of all the skateparks in our area and we also found this bike park where we’ll come back for sure!!! But we’re always looking for new locations, our goal is to have fun with our rc cars, improve our skills and make better and better entertainment videos…so keep following us!!!;-) Thanks again and have a nice day…as you say drive fast and bashing hard yeeeah!!!;-)

Bjorn N.”

Cubby- Hey ya Bjorn, thanks for giving me the heads up on your dirt vids.

This email was in response to one last week where I talked about the 2040RC video guys going big at skate parks, but I had not seen them going epic at other venues. After watching the two dirt vids, looks like the 2040 crew is going epic and having a great time, exactly what the hobby is all about.

I can’t remember where the 2040 guys are based out of (Italy maybe?), but the BSRC Bash Crew would love to load up and do some sky scraping with those guys. Load up the PRO-MT 4×4, LST 3XL-E, and the Revo 2.0, and ya, I am pretty sure we would end up doing some really fun (read- insane) things!

That’s it folks, that’s all there is for this week. Do you have an rc question? Have a girl problem? Did your dog just commit suicide to get away from you? Email me- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com.

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