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“New Pro-Line

Hey Cubby, what do you think of Pro-Line’s new bodies with the color in the lexan, the tough color bodies?

Leonard B.”

Cubby- Oh yes, Leonard, what about those new Pro-Line Tough Color bodies? Well, here are my thoughts-

I hate to paint. Actually, I am sorry, I was wrong on that. I really, really, HATE to paint bodies. Some people love it and spend hundreds of hours doing it, but I would much rather be out driving!

With that out in the open, I think the tough color bodies are a great idea. They have a lower price point than their uber-un-destructable Tough Armor bodies, and of course don’t require the added expense, or time, used to paint a normal clear polycarbonate body.

Bashers don’t tend to buy the highest-end gear on the market, what they want is an easy to use product, at a good price. I think Pro-Line came out with a product that a whole lot of backyard bashers will absolutely appreciate, both on the wallet side of things, as well the added convenience.

“Best 2.2″ Crawler Tires


I need better performing tires for my Axial Bomber, what’s the best?

Rory K.”

Cubby- Dude, what’s up Rory? Long time no hear from, but very glad to read your latest email. So, what 2.2’s am I currently recommending?

IMO, that’s an easy one, that would be Pro-Line Hyrax. These were designed to be the ultimate in off-road tires and are available in a 2.2″ size. Pit Bull is also very highly regarded for scale tires, as are those from RC4WD, and a handful of other companies. However, for all around rock crawling and trial driving, I am a huge fan of the Hyrax.

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