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“Traxxas Bronco

Hi Cubby,

How are you? Me, I’m not doing so good. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep. I have fallen in love and it’s not my wife. Every time I see the sunset paint job and those curves Cubby… those curves,I get all sweaty and my chest flutters, my heart just falls into my boots. I will leave my wife for this truck if I have too. If she can’t share me. I’ll take my 1/10 and my man purse full of Lipos and just hit the road (trail). But you can help me sleep tonight and possible get a good meal into me. Can you pls tell me if the Traxxas Ford Bronco will be a full RTR just like the D110 that I bought? Social media is driving me nuts. One person says yes, another says no, and some say just chassis no body included, and many say it’s just body upgrade. I need to know is it going to be all included all in one box Bronco RTR just like every other RTR. Body on chassis in one package like the D110? They don’t know what they talking about but you do. Your the love Dr. help this love sick fool pls.

Thank you and Don’t touch my Bronco,

Bobby :)”

Cubby- Ya know Bobby, I have received more email about the Traxxas Ford Bronco than I ever received for the Land Rover or Tactical. Yup, once that Bronco hits, it is gonna sell like hotcakes.

Originally the TRX crew teased the Bronco at SEMA. There they talked like it was going to be a body only. However, they must have gotten one heck of a response because at Nuremburg they talked like it was going to be released as a full RTR. So just how and when will it be released? Here’s the scoop…

Nope, I don’t know the exact day that they are going to hit your LHS, but YES, the Bronco will be available as a RTR. I do not know if they will be selling the body separately. However, I do know that samples are shipping out to dealers any time now, a good sign that they should start shipping in their entirety in the near future.

So Bobby, it looks like you are in luck, that dream Bronco of yours isn’t too far away. In fact, I think it gives you a PERFECT amount of time to start getting all your hop-ups on the way.

Lastly Bobby, always remember, and never forget, if you ain’t first, you are last.

“Is RC an Obsession?

I first started my RC journey with a first generation E-Maxx but I was more of a casual fan back then. In the last few years, it’s been more of an obsession with me. I have owned over 40 different vehicles in the last few years but only have 15 right now. I have been buying, selling, trading to build my stable of RC’s. I am constantly watching Craigslist and Facebook sale pages for my next vehicle. It is completely consuming me, my time, and my money. Is something wrong with me? Should I seek mental health? Or is this normal for such a great hobby?

Please help!

Tim N.”

Cubby- Yo hey Tim, thanks for writing in.

Ya, that’s kind of how our hobby has evolved. 20 years ago it was uncommon to have more than 5 cars, today it is uncommon to have less than 5. Cars have generally become more affordable and there are a LOT more cars on the market than there used to be. I remember back-in-the-day when there might have been maybe a dozen big car announcements, a couple years ago there was a dozen per month.

Is your family life OK? How about your job? If your family and job are doing fine, then yes, your rc obsession is fine. However, I really worry about the guys that keep putting truck after truck on a credit card. Where I grew up, you never financed “toys”, EVER, and I think that is still a good rule today. Sure, it’s no big deal if you see a new truck and use their ez-pay plan to get it, but it is a problem if at the end of the month you’ve thrown another 2K on a card to pay for rc gear, and then only make the minimum payment.

Otherwise, all is good, enjoy the hobby. Too many people forget it’s a hobby though, and get all gnar-core over it. It is a hobby, use it any way you feel like to get enjoyment out of it.

And… this edition of ASK Cubby is a wrap. Did your question not get answered? Have a rant ya gotta get off your chest? Simply want to shoot the rc bull? Send me an email- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com.

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