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“3D Printing from the local Hobby Shop

Hey Cubby!

Do you think hobby shops would invest in 3D printing machines and the software to draw people back?

Having someone on-site who could lay down your ideas into software like Blender or AutoCAD and print it on-site would be pretty neat. Even having someone there to reproduce that hard to find broken part would be engaging and might get the community to spend more cash there….

Justin M.”

Cubby- Hey now Justin, what’s up and thanks for writing in.

On the industry side of things, we are very interested to see where 3D printers are going to take us. Some industries won’t see much of an impact, but ours, with all our small plastic parts, can really take advantage of the technology. And quite frankly, there is a TON of money to be made in rc with 3D printers, our industry is still working out the best way to do that.

Should your local hobby shop bring in a 3D printer? My professional answer is probably not quite yet. But, in the next 3-5 years, I can see all local hobby shops having one. I can also see them hitting print on new a-arms for a B6, or a Slash, etc, after paying a fee to the OEM. I can see a world where the latest uber RPM a-arms cost $10 to buy, or $3 for the 3D printing plans directly from RPM.


Hey i need to know about motors for a yeti xl. Other than the Castle 2200kv. No one has been able to answer. Do you know anything about motors.

Alberto N.”

Cubby- Yo hey Alby, thanks for taking the time to write in.

Do I know about motors? You mean those round things that start spinning when you hit the throttle? Ya, I guess you could say I know a lil something about them.

So you have a Yeti XL and don’t want to use one of the Castle motors. I don’t know why you wouldn’t, as one of their uber new 1515 sensored units are basically perfect for the big Yeti. OK, so I am not totally obtuse, I imagine the Castle might be a little bit more than you want to spend, not everyone has mad money to use on toy cars.

With that said, I am going with a cheap alternative that would work in a Yeti XL. Hummmmm… off the top of my head I would recommend the RC Gear Shop 1/8 2150kV. I Have Personally used this motor in a Yeti XL and with awesome results. No, it doesn’t quite have the torque or raw wattage of the Castle, but it still has insane power and the one I have been using has held up well with decent temps. How much is it? Well, if less than $45 is too much for your wallet, I am gonna highly recommend that you start looking at smaller scales as their parts/accessories tend to be more affordable.

So there ya have it, after bolting in the RC Gear Shop motor I wanna see a pic of that beast throwing some serious roost!

So there ya have it folks, another ASK Cubby is now in the history books. Do you have a question? Feel like ranting? Just wanna shoot the rc bull? If so, hit me up- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com!

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