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“Ask Cubby


My six year old has been saving all the money he’s gotten for birthdays, Christmas, chores etc. and is determined to get an R/C car. He drives my Slash well in training mode. Our LHS is a bit depleted right now, but is starting to get stock back in. They have Arrma, ECX and Traxxas available to order from. He loved the ECX Axe firetruck, but that looks to be out of production. I’d like him to have something he can have fun in on the street and in the grass. I just want something durable and with the potential for minor mods. He’s at about $150 saved so far. He buys the kit and I buy the battery as part of the deal.


Scott and Jack”

Cubby- Well thanks for writing in there Scott, a snail mail for a sticker pack as usual bro.

Back in the 80s, and 90s, and heck, most of the 2000s, cars were not nearly as good as they are today. Back then, not only was the plastic much more likely to break, but there were inherent design flaws on some models, poor production quality on others, etc.

Over all these years, the rc car manufacturers have learned from these issues and made changes. A modern bash truck at the $199 price point is a heck of a lot better truck than its counterpart from 20 years ago. I am saying all this to get to my point- most new trucks work quite well.

You mention manufacturers like ARRMA, Traxxas, and ECX, all three brands have exceptionally strong trucks at very affordable price points. All three brands have decent quality (for a RTR) electronics, look good, and generally drive well.

Yes, of course, there are brands to stay away from, but if you go with one of the brands mentioned above, you will most likely be really stoked with whatever your son Jack picks.

With that said, bash hard and feel free to send me some pics when the new rig gets home.

“Beavis’ question

To Thecubreporter

I just read your latest ask cubby column. Team Blue Groove on ebay makes a bunch of 1/16 Lexan bodies specifically for the traxxas chassis. Great quality stuff.


Cubby- Yo, hey ya Russ, thanks for the tip. There are a lot of guys out there with 1/16th scaled Traxxas vehicles that are looking for body options. I hope this can help others on their quest for customizing their 1/16th scalers.

Thanks for the info, and as always, shoot me a snail mail for of our really trick sticker packs.

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