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ASK Cubby – Your Letters, My Totally Made Up Responses

“$400 shootout

Big squid is hands down the best rc basher resource on the internet. So I would like to see a $400 shootout. Let me explain. Have everyone on the big squid team pick an rtr vehicle a battery and a charger, with a total street value of less than $400. Then find out what the best combination is for a newbie backyard basher. Maybe do $300 or $500. People want to know what gives them the most bang for their bashing buck. This would be a great yearly shootout as well due to price decreases and new stuff coming to the market.

I believe that only big squid rc could do this challenge justice. I also believe that the great and wise Cubby will choose the winning combination.

Thank you for being a trusted and valuable resource.
Chris B.”

Cubby- Very cool letter Chris, thanks for the mad love and congrats to you as you are our “Letter of the Month” winner. (I shot ya an email requesting mailing/size info)

Ya know, we have tossed that idea around already, at least sorta. Our idea was for each of us to have a $200 limit, use anything we want, then have a speed run to see which was fastest. I think it would be interesting to see which combos we went with, and what the top speed would be. I mean, you think like 40-50 might be max on that tight of a budget, but who knows right? Could one of us bust out 60 or 70 on just $200 total???

But ya, for sure, the idea of a three or four hundred dollar shootout is awesome too. We just really need to get our act together and do more shootouts!

“New rc car from helion

Helion just released a new truck called the avenge MT. Its one bad dude. You might wanna check it out. Also still waiting on a rock rider review…

Justin M.”

Yo hey thanks for writing in Justin, be sure to send in your snail mail for the hook-up on a sticker pack.

About Helion, I don’t think I’ve heard a word from those guys in over a year. Come to think of it, I haven’t even thought about them at all for probably 6 months. That’s a problem. I checked my email, I don’t see any new releases from them, so I texted Tim our PR guy, and he hasn’t heard a word out of them either.

Is that really the best way for consumers to learn about a new product, via Justin M. in an ASK Cubby letter? I kinda have to wonder if they even have a marketing department at all now days. Hey, maybe they are just doing so well at the moment that they don’t feel the need to let anyone know about their products, who knows?

So there ya have it folks, yet another ASK Cubby is in the books. Have a question? Demand an answer? Want to alert us about the latest Helion release? Here is my email- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com.

YOUR Cub Reporter

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