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“Vent/ Rant/ Rc etiquette at places not intended for rc cars

Some (not all) people need to respect others while driving RC cars. I see a lot of skatepark/ bmx track footage of people driving their cars at these places while others are trying to use them for there intended purposes. Yes, it makes for some awesome footage and I myself have done this many times before (many of you saw the video I submitted to last year’s wipe out contest). But, I have done it while skaters/ bikers where not trying to ride there.

As a bmx rider myself nothing will ruin a good session like some a-hole nearly hitting you with an out of control rc car as you dodge it flying at your head. I know, I know everyone is the greatest driver ever and won’t hit you but things happen and things break and next thing you’re going full throttle straight into someone. Makes a great YouTube video without a doubt but it’s also a huge dick move.

I haven’t had to deal with this in years myself since part of the reason our bmx track was closed to the public, meaning we could only ride it two days out of the week instead of seven because people were abusing it for other purposes rather than bmx.

Fast forward to this weekend. I was having a nice bmx session with a couple people that were from out of town. Different bmx track than mentioned above. Four of us had to stop riding the bmx track because two people with rc cars decided their fun was more important than the fun of kids trying to ride their bikes. The people were standing in the middle of the track and jumping all over the place to where you couldn’t predict where the car was going next.

Long story short, yes it is glorious fun to send a Rc car 15-20 feet in the air off a kicker but it needs to be done with respect to the others that are using these places for the intended use. Don’t give rc cars a bad name because you can’t follow basic etiquette.

Koby G.”

Cubby- Yo hey ya Koby, nice letter ya have there. So good in fact that I am proclaiming it as “Letter of the Month”. What that means to you is that you’ve won one of our extra comfortable t-shirts, please shoot us your snail mail address for the hook up.

And ya know, that really torques me off too. Hobbyists that drive too close to people at parks, or driving in areas of a park where they simply should not be, are true idiots. But yet, some people think they need to show off just how fast their truck can go on 6S by zooming a few inches from a soccer mom on her evening walk. Or the same idiots that hit skate parks, bicycle areas, or walking trails when there are people on them.

From a BigSquidRC perspective, we know our local skate parks & BMX tracks like the back of our hand. We know when they will be crowded, and when there will be nobody on them. We never drive when there are people on them, we simply don’t want to cause any issues. And just as importantly, after we have driven on a skate park, we clean up. One loose screw that fell out of a truck, or even a small bit of broken plastic off a buggy, is enough to cause injury to a skateboarder. The last thing we want is for somebody to hit the skate park after us and get injured because we didn’t clean up all the broken bits of our trucks up before we left.

Props for the letter Koby, I hope a lot of hobbyists read it and think before they head out bashing.

“Tower and Traxxas

Hey, Cubby. I tried to buy an X-Maxx from Tower Hobbies and they said they are not carrying Traxxas products anymore. What is going on?

Dark K.”

Cubby- Hey ya Dark K, thanks for the email. Yours is going up because I have received no less than two dozen others just like it. It seems everybody wants to know what is up between Hobbico and Traxxas.

There has been no official statement about Hobbico and Traxxas. I will try to get with both of them to get you a legit answer as I don’t want spread any more rumor than what is already on the net. Look for more of an answer in next week’s ASK Cubby or Monday’s Cub Report.

Oh and, until then, shoot me your snail mail for one of our trick sticker packs.

Yup, this ASK Cubby is a WRAP! Gotta go on a rant? Have a question burning deep inside your soul? Your LHS just can’t get you the info that you need? Hit me up, my email is always open- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com.

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