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“300 Bucks To Spend

Hey Cubby, I have 300 bucks to spend, what should I buy?

Jeremy C.”

Cubby- Well hey now Jeremy, thanks a ton for the letter. As you didn’t specify you wanted an rc car, here is my list of fun stuff to buy around $300.

1. A Donald Trump spray tan inauguration party.

2. A Billet Spin Infected Specimen pocket top.

3. A Nixon Time Teller Chrono.

4. Treat your favorite BigSquidRC writer to one bottle of 06′ Dom Pérignon Champagne (assuming you are 21).

5. 300 rounds of Winchester PDX-1 9mm ammo (assuming you shoot).

6. A new XBox One S so you can actually watch a 4K Blu Ray movie (assuming you have a 4K TV).

7. Hit up the Richard Petty Driving Experience Sunday Drive (assuming you are in Vegas).


If you really gotta have a new rc car, I would cut the check on a ARRMA Granite BLX, one of the new Traxxas 2017 Ford Raptors, or a Losi Mini 8IGHT-T truggy. All are in your price, all are loads of fun. Cut the check on any of the above, but if it were me I would probably go for #4, just say’n…

“Gens Ace Batteries

I’ve always respected and read up on your Lipo battery shootouts. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this and share your findings. I have purchased Gen’s ace batteries in the past and went to do so again but found their site is under construction and in my search I came across this site which is selling Gen’s Ace batteries with a new label and wanted to make sure these are the same batteries with the exceptional quality made in the USA. What you do know about this?

Thanks for your assistance and happy holidays!

Ryan K.”

Cubby- Just to help everyone in the rc world out that is wondering what’s going on with Gens Ace batteries, Ryan sent us this question originally, then went ahead and got with the Gens Ace people to find out the scoop. In the reply from Gens Ace to Ryan, the representative from Gens Ace states that is their new official website. The rep also stated that the latest general of Gens Ace batteries have different labeling and different boxing, but still have the same high quality cells inside.

So there ya have it folks, Gens Ace is still alive and kicking out of a new website.

Oh ya, another ASK Cubby is a wrap. Do you have a question? Do you want to answer your own question like Ryan did? Do you feel like sending me an unanswerable question like Jeremy did? Or do you just feel like getting some free stickers or a t-shirt? If so, shoot me an email- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com. Until next week, go fast, spin tires, break loads of parts.

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