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“Whoa!! Fantastic website

Am I just lucky or did I find a kick a$$ group….BIGSQUIDRC

Yes! I entered the the contest for the ARRMA Nero Big Rock basher winner!!

Background: I am new to the RC world, I mean really new. I just decided to order the Arrma Granite BLX to get my feet wet. In the mean time, I am getting a ton of enjoyment from your site. Thanks guys!!!

Question is: Did I pick a winner or would you suggest something else. I want to keep it under $350 to begin with. Are there many aftermarket parts available? Next ?… What quality/price point lipos do you recommend. I would like to get a 2s and a 3s. Promatch has a 2s (7.4V) 7600 mah 75c hardwired hard case li-po pack for $50…is that good? Don’t really know alot about what brands are better than others. Thats why I am reaching out to you. Any help with my new hobby in the form of advice or opinions would be much appreciated. I mean I would really value your time if you would respond back. Thanks again!

Eric R.”

Cubby- Yo hey Eric, guess what? Seriously, guess. Nope, guess again. YES! You are the “Letter of the Month” winner. That means if you send us your snail mail address and shirt size that we’ll hook you up with one of ridiculously comfortable t-shirts.

Did you pick a winner by ordering an ARRMA Granite BLX? We haven’t tested one in a while, but the original BLX was an animal. It had gnarly brushless power, it handled extremely well for a 2wd MT, and could take a beating with the best of them. When you get your new one, feel free to shoot me an email letting me know what you think of yours.

About batteries… we have not done a LiPo shootout for far too long. And really, without testing the packs back-to-back, it is hard to say which ones are the best on the market. Lately I’ve had good luck using MaxAmps packs, as well as some Duratrax Onyx packs and Dynamite Reaction packs. What I will tell you is this, make sure and get a pack with a hard case. During hardcore bashing, soft packs tend to get taco’ed out, hard case packs simply live longer in grueling, high g-force applications like bashing. And about price points… I’ve tested batteries that worked reasonably well at the $50 price point, but on average tend to see more capacity and voltage with higher-end packs. Oh ya, I haven’t tested a Pro-Match in a very long time. Some of the old school NiMH matchers made the transition to Lithium based cells quite well, while others still can’t wrap their heads around them. Some are still stuck in the “The most important thing in the world is IR, here are some numbers off my old Turbo Matcher.”, while others have learned what’s really up.

Any which way, congrats on being “Letter of the Month” and don’t be a stranger.


Hey guys, just noticing that there is not much test articles anymore. What gives? I know it takes time to review products, but man, still waiting for that Losi Baja Rey review, haha! Love the squid but we need more actual and factual reviews by you folks. It is more Dr.Dirt editorial ripping on some emails from some weenies, this note most likely included. Who knows? Yes I grew up on DB mag as well.

Two major a$$ pains, not that you care.

Arrma releases Outcast for “bashing” and you have not full review. =weak. Sigh. YOU are our BASHING voice in Industry!

Having to use Facebook to add any comment to web page, horrible. Not all of us are on the Zuckertrain. And I know you hate it Cubby.

Still love you. Just some friendly feedback. Not saying it has to be all my way. Your site, do what you want. I would love to do reviews for you, time is tight with family. Being a test engineer I love a good shootout or honest evaluation. Not the bubble gum stuff of paper in the past that is all but dead.

I have to say I have the Outcast and me and buddies bash I think about as hard as they come and it has been exceptional at taking abuse, with also big fun factor in driving.

Anyway, on we go. Have a great day.

James C.”

Cubby- Well James, we still love you too. Don’t forget to shoot us your snail mail for a sticker pack.

And just WTH is up with our reviews? Some of our reviews, take longer than others, including the one for the Losi Baja Rey. I am too busy working on the site to actually read it, sounds like a sit down on making sure our reviews go up in a timely manner needs to be scheduled for tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up.

About the ARRMA Outcast, we did not receive one for review. We got an early release ARRMA Nero Fazon instead, which was a gnarly bash-mobile of course. We do see a lot of Outcasts while out bashing, ARRMA sold a good chunk of those, and after pulling trigger on several of them, they are definitely a blast to drive. We did however review another vehicle in the “stunt truck” category, the Tekno MT410.

Btw… I know a lot of people are trip’n over the “stunt truck” moniker, but it actually is a solid description of that style of truck. Trucks like the Outcast and MT410 were designed with short wheelbases to make flips and wheelies extra easy and both trucks do excel at “stunting”.

About comments on our blog posts, you already know how I feel about that. It is absolutely ridiculous. I hate Facebook with a passion and don’t feel that anyone should have to log in with their FB just to leave a comment. However… as software changes, so do the rules, that’s why you have to log in with FB to place a comment on BSRC. Hopefully we can work it in such a way in the future where you won’t have to.

Shoot me your snail mail for a sticker pack and feel free to send me another email if you want to have some industry chat.

See, you’ve survived yet another fine example of ASK Cubby, I knew you would make it. Should you have a question, or answer, or rant, or just feel like the world needs to hear the blabbering coming out of your mouth, shoot me an email- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com. And please remember, spin tires and crash hard.

YOUR Cub Reporter

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