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“Car Storage

I love your column, and I love the site!

What is the best way to store my cars (I currently have 5, Slash, EMaxx, SMT10, Stampede, TC4) that also takes up the least amount of space?

Also how can I get some BigSquid stickers?


Cubby- Yo big guy, thanks for writing in. And yes, we will totally hook you up with stickers, just send me your snail mail.

So, as a long time racer, a long time hobbyist, and as an anal retentive type of guy, I do have a method to my storage.

To me, storage depends on time. For instance, I have a couple cars that I won big races with and retired them. I intend on passing them down to my kids in the future. For those cars, they have had the wheels/tires removed, which were put in a sealed plastic bag after being treated (with oil), then the cars were also placed in sealed bags. After that, they went inside their original boxes. Rubber and foam can easily die in just a few years, but I am doing my best to try and make those two cars last for as long as possible.

For my normal cars that I use on a weekly basis, things are much different. The number one key is to Keep The Tires Off The Ground. Yes, you may be using that truck tomorrow, but if you store it overnight on a stand, or block of wood, or an old wheel, etc, it will keep the tires from flat spotting, which can be a problem for rc cars. Our cars using extremely soft tires and inserts, this makes them very susceptible to flat spots, and over more time, cracking of the sidewalls.

For physical storage, I make stands out of 2 x 4s. This allows me to stack them to save space, as well as abiding by the #1 rule of keeping the tires off the ground. Many people will give their vehicles a brief cleaning before putting them away, but I don’t, at least not on my bash rigs. The only extra attention that I may spend on a car is squeezing water out of the tires and putting a fan on a vehicle that I would have run through water. The only other big thing for my storage is to remember to remove the battery from my truck. Ya, it can take a couple minutes, but it accomplishes two important things. First, it keeps me from forgetting to unplug the LiPo in my rig (it can be ruined if you forget). Second, it reminds me to take out the battery and put it into storage mode via a battery charger.

Go fast, have fun, break more parts!



As a fan of both rc and 1:1 monster trucks I was wondering, what are your 3 favorite rc monster trucks to bash with right now? I plan on buying a new truck next week, what are you driving?

Ronald M.”

Cubby- Hey Ronny, thanks for taking the time to send me an email. A sticker pack is all yours after you send me your snail mail.

Wow, I thought that was going to be an easy question, but it is not. Geez Ronny, I don’t actually like using my brain (that’s why I rarely use it), but here we go.

3. I can’t believe I have to put it at #3, but here it is, the ARRMA Kraton. The Kraton is basically everything I want in a bashing monster truck. It has crazy power, it has a simple layout that is easy to work on, and it can take the abuse. It also corners like a race truck and is one of the easier to jump trucks ever.

2. Number 2 would be the Pro-Line PRO-MT 4×4. If the 4×4 was an 8th scaler, it would probably top my list, but for now, I really appreciate how well it drives and how tough it is. That isn’t even mentioning how bad ass it looks or how well it drives. I use my PRO-MT 4×4 every couple of days, it keeps coming back for more punishment, and I keep loving every single second behind the trigger of it.

1. Ya, if you don’t know what #1 is, you have not read our review. I consider the Traxxas E-Revo 2 to be the top of the heap for hardcore bashing vehicles right now. I would love to see a Revo-ARRMA shootout though. The latest Revo is Very, Very, tough, plus it is capable of pulling off all the crazy bashing stunts that I love going for. Now, it might not have the best suspension in its class for lap times, but it works great for general bashing. The E-Revo 2 is a great combo of toughness, outrageous power, and it has the benefit of Traxxas parts support.

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