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ASK Cubby – Your Weekly Questions, My Weak Responses

“What is a good radio for letting others drive?

I purchased myself a fly sky gt5 so I could drive multiple cars, but now I kinda want a radio that works with it to let other people drive. Should I get a more expensive one, or get 2 or 3 cheaper ones?

Matthew G.”

Cubby- Hola there Matty, thanks for taking the time to fire off an email. As always, if you get me your snail mail, we’ll get you a BigSquidRC sticker pack on the way.

So… after reading your email a couple times, I am not quite sure what you are asking. You got a GT5 that is capable of controlling multiple cars. Then… it sounds like you are looking for another transmitter that would allow another person to drive, while you are also driving with the Flysky?

In rc airplanes, they do have transmitters that link together. This allows an experienced pilot to help make corrections from one transmitter, while someone else learns how to fly on another. Transmitters that have a trainer system often times link together via a cord that runs from one radio to the other. We have nothing like that in the surface world.

So, what do I recommend?

1. Simply let others use your Flysky. For younger/less experienced drivers, you may need to turn down the EPA on the throttle to make faster cars easier to drive.

2. Buy more transmitters! I mean, you should be able to bind multiple transmitters to each receiver/car. That is certainly another possibility if it can suit your needs.

Ya, that’s all I got here- go fast, turn left, bring it home in a Wal-Greens bag.

“6S LiPo


As a new Infraction owner, should I buy two 3S packs or a single 6S? Pros and cons of both ways?

Terry M.”

Cubby- Well hello there Terry, thanks for writing in. Congrats on the new Infraction as well, that thing is a beast!

Here is how I look at it. When you post this question on the net, you will get different answers. This one is mine…

I always go with a pair of 3S packs. The downside? Increased resistance, resulting in slightly less voltage and run-time. And when I say slightly less, I mean very slightly. The upside? When one cell goes bad, I can throw that pack away and replace it, paying just the cost of another 3S pack. Furthermore, if you have more cars, cars that can use 2 or 3S packs on their own, owning a pair of 3S packs may also come in quite handy compared to a single 6S. And lastly, while most chargers go up to 4S, some don’t go up to 6S, so that may also be a consideration for some.

On the 6S upside, it is a more efficient way to go. However, if a cell goes bad, you’ll end up buying an entire new 6S pack. So while I consider a full 6S pack the “best/most efficient” way to go about powering your car, I personally use pairs of smaller packs.

So there ya have it, and there ya are, let me know what you end up buying.

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