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“Arm day Cubby??

Cubby what’s up my Bro. Thanks for posting my question. Totally wicked man. I’m just wondering what you meant by “Is it arm day”. ? I might be way off here but do you mean lifting weights? Hey and what do I need to do to get a t-shirt??

Thanks Cubby.

Joey B.”

Cubby- Yo Joey, what’s up? For all you readers out there, Joey sent me a question that was put in ASK Cubby a couple weeks ago. Part of my answer had something to do with “Every day is arm day” and I don’t think he knows what that means.

So JB… lets say you are roll’n around the 909 and you see a “real bro”. A “real bro” drives a matte black, jacked up, 4 door, 4wd, diesel, pick-up truck. Of course that truck has Monster, DC, and Fox stickers on it. It also has a 97′ CR250 smoker in the back. That bro is wearing a black flat-bill Monster hat, a black Affliction wife beater, black Fox shorts, and black DC shoes, while his woman is wearing not much more than a few scratched up $25 tattoos. In that world, life is all about your truck, your bike, and your biceps. Chances are a bro makes it to the gym 5 times a week because they gotta keep their pump on, but instead of having one arm day, then one leg day, they just say the heck with it and make EVERY day “arm day”. The saying “Every Day Is Arm Day” is just a phrase poking fun at the hardcore 909 bro crowd. If you haven’t experienced it first hand, just hit up A1 in Angel Stadium on January 7th, it really is something to be seen/experienced firsthand.

Oh and hey… what’s it take for you to get a t-shirt? Well, for a normal person it takes winning letter of the month, but because you and I are now bros, just shoot us your snail mail and shirt size and we will totally hook ya up. And yes, you’re welcome. 🙂

Go too fast

Hi Cubby, how are you?

Can you do a Cub report on how to screw with racers?

Can I be your bro?

You might get this question a lot, but what is the fastest rtr car no mods?

Grant T.”

Cubby- Yo Grant, thanks for the letter? LOL

I am pretty sure your letter had more questions per word than I have ever received before. For that, I applaud you, keep’n it different is always a good thing.

Can I be your bro? What’s up with all the bro talk lately? But the answer is this- I can be your bro if you dig rc and your truck can roll some serious coal. How’s that for an answer, bro?

Can I do a Cub Report on “screwing with racers”? Ya know, screwing with racers is one of my favorite pastimes. Overly uptight racers just LOVE it when I drive backwards on the track and tag them WFO on the main straight, totaling out both of our cars. They LOVE it even more when I walk over to the trash can and throw my car away, then simply grab another off my pit table and go back to driving. Good times, so Maybe we’ll see that as a subject of THE Cub Report.

Now, for your real question. I really hate hard questions, questions that actually require some brain effort or research. Of course I am wayyyy too lazy to actually do some Google searching on the fastest box stock car that we’ve reviewed, so I am just gonna make a guess at it. And my guess is… the Traxxas XO-1. If I remember correctly, we radared it just over 80 mph or so? I don’t remember any other box stocker even coming close to that. Sadly, I do remember the day we got a test unit, it was bitterly cold, like 5 degrees Fahrenheit, and we were out trying to pull good numbers with it. Cold weather and high speeds just don’t mix, but that’s just the way the release date worked out for us. Furthermore… if I was going to go out and buy a car to do speed runs with box stock (and exactly who does that???) I would lay my money down on the XO-1. It isn’t perfect, but for going stupid fast with minimal work or time, it certainly does the job.

And there is it, yet another elegant ASK Cubby is in the books. Have a question? Feel the need to rant? Simply need a new pen pal? thecubreportrc at gmail dot com is my email address, so let’r rip tater chip.

YOUR Cub Reporter

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