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“Rock racers

hi cubby!

I would like something that can push around a stampede 4×4. My requirements are it must be under $450 and go faster than a brushed stampede 4×4. I was thinking a rock racer specifically a rock rey or a 1/10 yeti, but would like your input. I am a big fan of your column and BSRC.

Ian S.”

Cubby- Hey now Ian, good to hear from ya and thanks for the email.

So… you are wanting to get into the rock racing scene. I am personally a big fan of the Losi Rock Rey. It is durable, it drives well for having a solid rear axle, and it comes stock with crazy power. I am also a big fan of how it was designed to be an elite performer on a wide variety of surfaces and of its scale detailing here and there. While I have not formally rock raced one (there is pretty much zero rock racing where I live) I have run against friends on a dedicated rock racing course and felt like I was eating people alive in the corners. It also seemed to jump a big better than the competition.

So ya, if you get the chance pull the trigger on a Rock Rey, it is a MUCH different animal than your Traxxas Stampede, but I can’t imagine you not liking how it drives. Oh and, shoot us some pics after whatever you buy, I personally dig looking at what people end up putting in their rc garage.

“Arrmy Typhon

Ive decided to get a buggy. The Arrma Typhon is what I am thinking after the abuse my Arrma Fury went through before I retired it out of mercy.

One thing, I am not seeing very many bodies for this guy. I saw you guys did a review on it and hoping you could steer me in the right direction for which companies make a body that work with this rig. The Typhon has 2 rear body posts instead of the more standard 1 rear post.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Jon F.”

Cubby- Yo hey ya Jon, thanks for the email.

Props on going with the ARRMA Typhon. We actually see a lot of those while out bashing and/or testing. From hands on experience, it handles quite well and makes for a great bash buggy.

Your question is a perfect example of why you need a good LHS. While most 1/8th buggy bodies are quite similar and fit on a wide variety of buggies, being a proper consumer you would really like to make 100% sure a body fits before you cut a check on it. Thankfully, I am very lucky, I have a couple of great hobby shops within a half hour of my house. At these hobby shops I could take in my Typhon, pull a couple bodies off the rack, and the guys behind the counter would let me (or anyone) pull them out of the packaging and test fit them. So no, I haven’t tried other bodies on the Typhon personally, but if I had to, I would hit my LHS and test fit the ones that I liked the best.

In your case, if you don’t have a stellar LHS, or no LHS at all, you are gonna have to wing it. Yes, most 1/8th buggy bodies can easily be made to work on other buggies. It really doesn’t matter that your ARRMA has twin rear body mounts, unless you get some body with crazy angles in that area.

Btw… one quick pro tip here. After you finish up your new body, make sure and elongate the body mounting holes. 8th scale buggies flex a LOT when jumping, if you don’t elongate the holes your new body will get trashed more quickly than need be.

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