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Associated RC10B4.2 RS

Associated RC10B4.2 Race Spec Brushless RTR

Associated RC10B4.2 RS
One of the longest proven buggy platforms on the market is the legendary RC10B4. The newest version of the B4 is the RC10B4.2 Race Spec. This is a brushless RTR buggy that includes several upgrades over previous versions, and comes with waterproofing to appeal to bashers. The RC10B4.2 RS is low to the ground for great corner speed and there are tons of aftermarket already on the market that will bolt right up.

Some of the features on the RC10B4.2 Race Spec include- digital metal gear steering servo, 3300kv brushless motor, 2.4 GHz radio system, and water resistant speed control and receiver box. The part number for B4.2 RS is #9042 and the street price is $249. Hit up THIS LINK for more details and information.

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