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Auction Kings Sells a Huge RC Tugboat

auction kings rc tugboat auction kings rc tugboat

As what is starting to be a regularly updated section, we ad another post to our RC ON TV section! This time on an episode of Auction Kings Paul and his team get a huge custom RC tugboat! The thing is about 6 feet long, and weighs over 90lbs! It had some great detail, and looked like the whole thing was wooden. Someone had brought it in to try and auction off. Paul’s guys had to do some battery maintenance to get it running, and they eventually got it out on water to test it. It was pretty cool to see. It ended up selling for $750, which I think is a good deal for something that size, and the amount of work that went into making the thing.

Again, another great example of getting the hobby in front of the people!

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Posted by in On TV on Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 at 11:19 pm