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Cubby Optima

ASK Cubby – Readers Write In, I Run For The Hills

“3S Lipos Hi, what are some good 3s lipos for someone on a budget, but doesn’t want to get new bright quality? I’m thinking This. It is for an ARRMA Notorious I’m saving up for, since the Tamiya had terrible customer support, and a dud of an esc we’re returning it, and I’m saving up for a notorious. Are those good [...]


President Cubby

THE Cub Report – To the 5 Boroughs

Hello rc fanatics, happy Monday, and I hope you had fun over the weekend in the remote control car hobby. I am Cubby, and I have been busting this thing out for well over a decade, shall we jump right in…? First up, after a quick check with the calendar, it seems that BigSquidRC has turned 15! No, even I can’t [...]


Infraction Cubby

ASK Cubby – Got A Question? Good Luck With That

“Arrma Infraction Cubby, Hey buddy, is BigSquidRC doing a review on the ARRMA Infraction? Have you driven one? What do you think? How do you like the new Limitless? What tires do you recommend for the Infraction? Is an upgrade power system needed for the Infraction? Best Regards, Rusty B.” Cubby- Awwww yes, here we are, another edition of ASK Cubby. Thanks for taking the [...]


Rugged Cubby

THE Cub Report – The Facts Of Life

What in the world, is this actually Tuesday? Yup, it is Tuesday and here is YOUR day late Cub Report. So…. what happened Monday? Well, the BigSquidRC Corporate World Headquarters were overrun with a tv crew from (redacted). A few weeks ago I had mentioned how BSRC’s owner Brian Smolik was going to be featured on a reality tv show. Yesterday [...]


Pro-Line Belted Trencher HP 2.8" Tire Review

Pro-Line Belted Trencher HP 2.8″ Tire Review

This review has been a long time coming folks. No, we aren’t talking about how we got a new set of Pro-Line Trencher HP 2.8″ Monster Truck Tires a few weeks ago and have been trying to burn their rubber off ever since. We are talking about how our hobby has long been waiting for monster truck tires that do [...]


Racing Cubby

ASK Cubby – More Questions, Less Answers

“Where Are Belted Badlands??? Cubby, Pro-Line just released 3.8″ belted Trenchers, but where are the Badlands? I want belted Badlands right now! I needdddd to give them my money!!!!! Robin B.” Cubby- Ummmm, well, hello to you too Robin! Thanks for writing in, like always, your snail mail will get ya one of our super cool sticker packs. In fact, our sticker packs have [...]


Airplane Cubby

The Cub Report – Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid

Hello there rc people, as always, thanks for clicking over to BigSquidRC. This week I am coming to you live from somewhat North of the Chicago metro area, shall we kick things off this week with some serious style??? First off, while not big “rc news”, I do feel the need to post THIS. No, you don’t have to click over, [...]


The Cub Report Schaumburg

ASK Cubby - Another Week Of Your Questions w/ More Of My Non…

“Quick question How come we cant see your eyes??? Are they just so dreamy you don’t want all the attention? I guess people would accuse you of being just a pretty face and not a serious hobbyist. Brooks F.” Cubby- What’s up amigo? Thanks for writing in, and of course your snail mail will get you one of our send-it worthy BSRC sticker [...]


Hawaiian Chris Cubby

THE Cub Report – Life In The RC Lane

Hola and hello! I am Cubby and every Monday morning I like to bust out a small column going over some of the bigger happenings going on in our hobby. Last week was yet another fun week in rc, shall we just jump right on in??? First up this week is a note about Axialfest 2019. The Horizon Hobby crew has [...]


Kyosho Fazer Mk2 1970 Dodge Charger Review

Kyosho Fazer Mk2 1970 Dodge Charger Review

Scale realism is truly taking over rc. At first it was the off-road guys with all their scale realistic rock crawlers, but now even the on-road game is getting the scale treatment. A good example of this is the new Fazer Mk2 1970 Dodge Charger from Kyosho. With the 1970 Dodge Charger, the Kyosho crew mated a highly scale realistic [...]


Cubby RRCi Magazine

ASK Cubby – In Come The Questions, Out Comes My Nonsense

“Facebook Dear Cubby, Why does it seem like everyone has become so nice on Facebook? It’s like everyone is kissing everyone else’s booty, I don’t get it Cubby. Even the dumbest products get a ton of likes, what gives? Boyd Q.” Cubby- Yo hey there Boyd, as always, thanks for taking the time to write in. Also like always, if you send me your [...]


Cubby Flying Field

THE Cub Report – WFO To The Finish Line

Here we are folks for yet another funtabulous edition of THE Cub Report. I hope your week is off to a great start, now I think its time for some rc… We have a LOT of reviews coming up. We have a review for a new Spektrum SMART Charger, the Kyosho 1970 Dodge Charger, the ARRMA Infraction, the Losi 22S SCT, [...]


Sunglass Cubby

ASK Cubby – Your Emails, My Non-Sense

“Promo Vidoes I love when a company puts out a promo video. Watching them pull off amazing tricks and getting huge air is just awesome. But my question is just how many vehicles do they demolish in order to make one short video? Back in the day Tyco must have gone through 20 Vehicles just to shoot one commercial. [...]



THE Cub Report – Magic In The Air

Hello there and welcome to BigSquidRC. We’ve been around for a long time now days (closing in on 15 years?) and we are one of the biggest sites on the web for hobby grade rc news and reviews. Some of you guys have been reading for years, others are here for the very first time. Regardless, welcome and lets get [...]


ASK The Cubbster – Fridays Are Always More Fun

“Crawler Or Monster Truck I have written twice before but never made it on Big Squid. Maybe third time is the charm oh great Cubby? Ok, so I have $400 and don’t know exactly what to buy. I like the speed of a monster truck, but all my friends are into crawling right now. What should I do? Danny W.” Cubby- So hello there [...]