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Hitec RDX2 Pro High Power Dual Port Charger Review

Hitec RDX2 Pro High Power Dual Port AC/DC Charger Review

While Hitec is best known for their high-end servos, they are also one of the leading manufacturers of battery chargers in the rc industry. One of their latest battery chargers is the RDX2 Pro, which promises big power, fast charges, while being super easy to use. Our crack pot test crew has spent the last couple of weeks using the [...]


RC4WD Trail Finder 2 VR Game

We are super excited to see RC4WD jump into the video game scene! As most of you know, Brian is a huge game nerd, so I’m sure he’s all over this one! Check out the Trail Finder 2 VR Game! VR is HOT right now, and how awesome will this be? No more having to get up and go outside, [...]


March Bash-Ness 2021 Championship

Wow, what a wild ride it has been! The fanboys have spoken and it’s the championship round! Can you believe the Helion Dominus took out the Traxxas Slash AND the Losi 5IVE-T to get here? Let’s not forget the battles the HPI Savage Flux have conquered taking out the Kraton and Big Rock? Wow.. just wow…. nobody saw this coming! [...]


Cubby Off Road

THE Retired Report- Wanna Bash On Grandma’s Face?!?!?

So I’m cruising YouTube, blowing off another day, just like any other, and I come across the crazy video below. In the video, it shows an rc truck driving around a house. You see it come down some wood stairs without scratching them. You also see the truck drive over a precious piano. You then see it drive over “Dad’s” [...]


Retired Cubby

THE Retired Report – Super Caps For the Win

Ya know, living the life of luxury can be hard on a man. A man can only drink so many bottles of Dom, and extinguish so many hand rolled Cuban cigars, before he feels the need to actually do something. I could go into Brian’s office and CA glue all his desk drawers shut, but where is the fun in [...]


Sunset Cubby

THE Last Cub Report

Yes, you read that correctly, THIS is the very last Cub Report, the day has finally come! I am not one for long goodbyes, and this has been in the making for a number of years, so here it finally is... One thing I am not, is an actual writer, so I’ve been burnt out on writing for a very long [...]


higgs boson

ASK Cubby - The Best of Your Questions, The Worst of My Answ…

“Building an Arrma Limitless Yo, Cubby. All of this quarantine downtime has me thinking about starting a new build and I have my eyes on the Limitless kit. I didn’t recall seeing this covered before on Big Squid and wanted to see how you would spec one out for general parking lot bashing on 4S With 6S capability. ESC/Motor/Servo, what would [...]


THE Cub Reporter

THE Cub Report – On The Final Stretch

Well howdy there fellow rc enthusiast, thanks for making the click over to BigSquidRC. Man, hasn’t 2020 been one heck of a wild ride? When will all the craziness stop? I for one, love the craziness as I am easily bored, but no doubt, even I have about had my fill of this year already. With that said, lets jump [...]


Kyosho Cubby

ASK Cubby – Smart Questions, Questionable Answers

“RC Super Stadium Truck Hello Mr. Cubby, I have a question: As I watch Stadium Super Truck races online, I think-wow, that would make for a great RC platform. They race, they jump, they bash, they go fast and they look scale. But when I look for an RC SST, I don’t see IFS/solid rear axle. I see stadium [...]


Cubby with Vaughn Gittin Mustang

THE Cub Report – Here We Go Again

Well, here we are, just you, and me, and a few thousand other people, so I guess I’ll say “Thank You!” for making the jump over to Big Squid for THE Cub Report. So strap on in and lets light this candle… First up, main man at BSRC Brian Smolik will be featured on this Sunday’s episode of “Collectors Call”. You [...]


Cubbys harem

ASK Cubby – You Supply The Questions, I Supply The Bullpucky

“No-Prep Cubby, I am starting a new no-prep drag car build, what is the easiest way to go about it, where do I even start? Guthrie C.” Cubby- Hola there Guthrie, thanks for taking some time out of your life to send us an email. A snail mail for a sticker pack, as always. What is the easiest way to build a no-prep drag car? [...]


Cubby AMA Motocross National

THE Cub Report – Eyes Wide, Throttle Pegged

Hello there and welcome to the wide world of sports, I mean rc. I am Cubby and thanks for making your way over to BigSquidRC. Why not jump right on in??? AMA Monster Energy Supercross is back! Actually, its been back for over a week, with all the races being held at one venue in Utah to finish up the series. [...]


Big Cubby

ASK Cubby – More of Your Letters, More of My Non-Sense

“Best Mud Tires I need some advice Cubby and I know you are the $%@#$@ man to go to. Over the Covid break I bought a new 6S Kraton which has been a lot of fun. With it raining so much where I drive, what are the best options for mud tires? Are paddles a good way to go? Preston A.” Cubby- Hola [...]


Cubby Photo Bomb

THE Cub Report – As The World Turns…

Well hello there fellow hobbyist, welcome to BigSquidRC and THE Cub Report. This week I’ll be looking over some of the new releases, as well as giving some general hobby, and even racism, commentary. Why wait any longer, lets dive right in! Here around the BigSquidRC offices we keep an “unofficial” count of “who won last week” concerning new product releases. [...]


Boat Man Cubby RC

ASK Cubby – Your Letters, My Non-Sense

“Ask Cubby Cubster, My six year old has been saving all the money he’s gotten for birthdays, Christmas, chores etc. and is determined to get an R/C car. He drives my Slash well in training mode. Our LHS is a bit depleted right now, but is starting to get stock back in. They have Arrma, ECX and Traxxas available to order from. [...]