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Statue Of Cubby

THE Cub Report – Holding Pattern…

Hello fellow rc enthusiast, I am THE Cub Reporter and I would like to thank you for making the click over to BigSquidRC. Like pretty much every industry right now, rc is pretty much in a “holding pattern”, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to talk about. Without further ado, let’s dive right on in... As we sink into full [...]


Bow Range Cubby

ASK Cubby - It's Thursday (or Friday!), That Means Question …

“SCX10 III vs TRX-4 Which one do you like better Cubby, the SCX10 III or the TRX-4? That Axial looks really good, but the Traxxas has been hard to beat. Larry S.” Cubby- Oh heck yes Larry, the all new Axial Racing SCX10 III has created a lot of buzz in the rock crawling world. The V3 got trick little things like hidden [...]


Sunglass Cubby

THE Cub Report – So What Now???

Yes indeed people, so what now? I’ll tell ya what, now is the time to chill, but this time won’t last long in the grand scheme of things. Before we know it, the rc industry, as well as America as whole, will be back to 100%. I am actually enjoying a few days of downtime, but certainly can’t wait for [...]


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ASK Cubby – Quarantine Questions

“Pro-Line Supersonic Question Cubby, Does the new Supersonic speed run body from Pro-Line fit my two wheel SC10? Thanks for any advice. Corey C.” Cubby- Yo Corey, thank You for taking the time to write in. I have actually been getting a bit more email the last few days, including a few questions about the new Pro-Line Supersonic. It is very cool for Pro-Line to [...]


Boat Man Cubby RC

THE Cub Report – Way More Fun Than Covid-19

Holy freak’n smokes, in the last 7 days, it seems like the entire world has changed. We’ve gone from one lifestyle, to another (self distancing/staying at home), and we don’t really know when things will be “back to normal”. Boy, I would guess that we should be seeing better times a month from now, but who even knows at this [...]


Cubby BBQ

ASK Cubby – In Pour The Questions, Out Drivels The Answers

“Get low Dear squire, This spring I want to lower my 8S Kraton for speed runs. What is the best/easiest/cheapest way to do the job? Herbert W.” Cubby- Hello there Herby, what’s up? Thanks for taking the time to write in. So, you have one of the ultra-gnarly 8S ARRMA Kratons and you are ready to start doing speed runs with it. First off, as [...]


Track Cubby

THE Cub Report – Corona Virus Fever

Hello there fellow rc fanatic, we’ve put yet another week into the history books. Without further ado, lets have a look at some of the big news from last week. With the Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo no longer with us, the BSRC Bash Crew has been getting all stoked up for RCX in Southern California (was scheduled for April). But whoa, [...]


Cardinals Cubby

ASK Cubby – Your Questions, My Ranting

“Tire Cubby, After reading your review of the Sweep belted tires, I bought a set. They seem really slow and now my truggy rides rough as hell. Wth man? Franklin W.” Cubby- Well hello there Franky, have you been relaxing? And just how is Hollywood now days? I kid, shoot me your snail mail for a sticker pack. So, you read our review of a [...]


Hawaiian Chris Cubby

THE Cub Report – The RC Week In Review

Here we are folks, another week in rc, is now in the books. As we finish up Q1, here are some of the biggest news and tidbits from last week. But first, I just gotta speak out about the AMA Supercross season. If you haven’t been watching, 2020 has been one of the closest seasons ever, with the front runners [...]


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ASK Cubby – More Questions, Less Answers

“Mini Crawlers What’s a good small rock crawler that doesn’t cost too much? At the end of the month I will be picking up a pair for me and my son. We have a large backyard that never gets enough use, I can not wait for Spring. Thanks Cubby. Levon T.” Cubby- Hey ya there Levon, thanks for taking the time to write [...]


Cubby Horizon AVC

THE Cub Report – About That Tesla Cybertruck…

Hello there fellow rc fanatic, thanks for clicking over to THE Cub Report. As the temps start to warm here in North America, the outdoor rc scene (which is mucho grande bigger than indoors) really starts to heat up. As more hobbyists head outdoors to test their winter builds, their mailboxes are starting to receive much anticipated tax return money. [...]


Cubby with Vaughn Gittin Mustang

ASK Cubby – Your Astute Questions, My Lackadaisical Answers

“Servo Question I need to replace the servo in my Capra RTR, which servo would you recommend that I use? I don’t need a bunch of speed, mostly I want more power. Robin R.” Cubby- Yo hey ya Robin, thanks for the email. As always, your snail mail will get ya one of our sticker packs. Right now, at least for off-road use [...]



THE Cub Report – Line Up & Send It

Well hello there fellow rc fanatic, I am Cubby, and this is my weekly column about our hobby. As people start filling out their taxes here in the America, the rc industry is gearing up for the annual “spring bump” in sales that tends to go along with people getting money back from their taxes. Once consumers get those fancy [...]


Cubby Video

ASK Cubby – You Write’em, I Ignore’em

“X-Maxx Cubby, Do you have any set-up suggestions on the X-Maxx? Just picked one up from a friend, are there any immediate mods that you know of? Bradley H.” Cubby- Hola there Bradley, thanks for taking a bit of your day to write in to BigSquidRC. If you email me your home addy, I will shoot ya out one of our sticker packs. So ya, [...]


Traxxas Cubby

THE Cub Report – AE At The Front Again?

Here we are folks, another beautiful week in the rc hobby. Thanks for making the jump over to BigSquidRC, one of the best rc news/reviews sites on the web (but that is JMO, LOL). For this week I’ll start off with… Back during my “heyday” of rc, Team Associated was known as the technology leader, but in recent years that was [...]