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Spektrum S1200 DC Smart Battery Charger Review

Spektrum S1200 DC Smart Battery Charger Review

As a long time innovative leader in the radio world, Spektrum and Horizon Hobbies is now setting out to become a force in the LiPo battery and charger world. New from Spektrum is a full line of SMART Technology batteries, chargers, and accessories. While we have been using several of their new SMART units, this week we are doing a [...]


ARRMA Kraton 4x4 4S BLX RTR Review


The crew over at ARRMA have taken the bashing world by storm. From the very get-go they have been making products for bashers like we’ve never seen before. One of their latest bash-creations is the 1/10th scaled Kraton 4S BLX RTR Monster Truck. The new 4S version of the Kraton was designed for serious rc fun, while not breaking the [...]


Castle Mamba Monster X Review

Castle Creations Mamba Monster X ESC Review

Bashers love power, the more the better, and Castle Creations has long been a source of brushless systems for us bashers. A few months ago they unveiled their new X line up of ESCs which introduced more features and other upgrades. Myself along with the rest of the BigSquid Bash Crew has been beating on the Mamba Monster X to [...]


Castle Creations Connectors Review

Product Spotlight – Castle Creations Connectors

Hi, this is Iron Mike again, the ultimate lover of long walks on the beach and a connoisseur of the destruction of rc cars. So Cubby called me up a few weeks ago and said, “Get over to my house right now, time for you to earn your keep!”. I have gotten to know Cubby pretty well over the years, whenever [...]


ARRMA Kraton Electronics Upgrade

How To Upgrade the Electronics in the ARRMA Kraton

Hi, my name is Iron Mike and I like long walks on the beach and destroying rc cars. You might know me as a part of the BSRC Bash Crew or perhaps from the Prop Wash boat column that I’ve been slacking on (for months now). A few weeks ago Cubby comes over to my house and drops a brand [...]


Prop Wash – Attack!

Ready for Battle Want to do more with RC boats???? How about naval battles. would you like to go and sink your buddies boat. RC Naval Combat maybe just what you need, with small and quick to big and Beastly.You should be able to find something that will trip your trigger. Firing BBs or small ball-bearings. These [...]


Prop Wash

How much water do I need? Most likely this question only comes up after the boat is in hand. This should be question number two, only behind what type of power plant. A small boat in a large body of water can still be fun. A large / fast boat will be hard to have a [...]


Prop Wash – Lets Get Ready

With the weather turning warmer and spring in sight. I did some spring cleaning in my shore bag. This got me thinking of what do I “NEED” in there. I have the normal tools,chargers, stands and such but what are those few things we should all have. Here is a quick list. 1. sealing tape2. Spare Props and control surfaces. 3. [...]


RC boat

Winter sucks and so does Maintenance

With winter set in, and most of the country socked in with snow and ice, I figured it was time to cover some basic preventative maintenance. I don’t enjoy this any more than you do, but this work needs to be done to keep your craft in top working order. 1.Draining the water jacket and lines. I do this with [...]


swamp buggy

When Boats Meet the Air

Air Boats With the water here solid as a rock I thought it was time to go into air-boats. Air-boats normally have a Jon Boat style flat hull with a Fan drive mounted on the rear. With this drive they do not need much water to run on. Ponds and wet grass to light snow powder will get you a [...]


Choose Your Hull Edition

Rc boating covers a lot of hull types. I would like to cover the basic difference of the main three types Vee, HydroPlane, and Catamaran. Vee– best rough water capability. Vee shaped Hull design cuts through rougher water. Good handling and stability. Easiest hull to setup Best all around hull IMHO Hydroplane– Not good for rough water, rockets on glass or [...]


Prop Wash – Big Metal Screw edition

This week I will be covering prop material and blade count effects on propellers, screw, hélice. Whatever you feel like calling it. The material of your prop has a greater effect than most hobby boaters realize. Plastic Props are cheaper to make and work fairly good so most boats come with that material. Metal is much stiffer giving you a [...]


RC Boat Prop

Prop Wash – Prop Pitch Edition

Hello, I am Iron Mike and welcome to another installment of our weekly boat column, Prop Wash. Have you ever changed the motor to a higher wattage motor-wanting to use that power to go faster. Only to find your boat won’t go any faster? Odds are you are out of the running specs for the hull and or prop. Changing the [...]


Prop Wash Waterproofing receiver

Prop Wash with Iron Mike, Dive Dive Dive Edtion

Hello, I am Iron Mike and welcome to another installment of our weekly boat column, Prop Wash. When you go to upgrade radio systems in your boat you either have to buy a waterproof receiver or seal one up yourself. For those receivers that need waterproofing I like to pot them in electronics grade silicone. This is a good low cost [...]


aquacraft revolt 30

Cast Off Edition – Prop Wash with Iron Mike

Hello, I am Iron Mike and welcome to a new weekly boat column on BigSquidRC, Prop Wash. Most boat pilots have swamped out, turned into a submarine. Whatever term you use, water in a boat is not good. Most boat hulls have the capability of being taped shut. This will keep out most spray and splash, but what if you truly [...]