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Guerilla Drone Toad, Tadpole and Bullfrog.

Guerilla Drone Founded by Javier Delgado Sr, has some of the most popular racing frames on the market. Their frames are compact, have a unique organic design and come in three flavors. Bullfrog 205, Toad 250 and Tadpole 180. Guerilla Done is an American Company based in California. For more info on these aquatic designed frames hit this link. Looking for more quadcopter news [...]


Cubby Quadcopter Shovel

Chicago Council Passes Drone Ordinance

According to a Chicago Channel 9 news report, ( Link to WGN News) the city council approved a new ordinance which will ban drones from flying near hospitals, schools and churches. Drone operators also can’t fly directly over a person or property without getting permission first. The park district will set up designated areas where the drones can fly freely. (Can’t wait [...]


Dromida Vista – Possible Motor Issues – Fixed

Let me start by saying I like the Dromida product line and especially the Vista, are normally a very easy to fly and tough little drone at a good price. Just wanted to say that I opened up a new one that I received a few weeks ago and it spun around in circles and would not take off. As entertaining [...]


DJI PRO app and IOS 9 – Gimbal / Camera Issue

If you have upgraded your IOS device and are having trouble with no gimbal control or no image. DJI support has just confirmed that the latest version of the PRO app is not compatible with the latest version release of IOS 9.0.2. They are working on a new release but there is not date on when. So if you have not updated you [...]


The Big Race – X1 Fall Classic

You could not ask for a more beautiful day for a race. The air was filled with the buzzing of what sounded like a swarm of bee’s ale formula 1. But don’t blink these guys are FAST! Last Sundays X1 Fall Classic Race sponsored by Mad Labs was fun and filled with excitement. The day was full of fast action, fierce competition, [...]


multi gp race flyer


Looking to do a little drone racing? Come out for a day filled with fun and the excitement of Multi GP Racing. Learn to fly and race quad copters with some of the best pilots available. New flyers are welcome, there will be experts available to help tune your drone, learn to race by flying along side the pilots. There will also be [...]