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Paradise Creek Adventure Traxxas TRX-4 Ford Bronco Video

Video - Paradise Creek Adventure with the Traxxas TRX-4 Ford…

The crew over at Traxxas recently uploaded a new Paradise Creek Adventure Video featuring the TRX-4 Ford Bronco. Watch the video below to see just how incredibly scale realistic the Traxxas TRX-4 Bronco looks while rock climbing, driving through water, and generally going for a challenging day in nature. With high clearance axles, a beefy 4wd drivetrain, and a fully [...]


Max Speed Technology RMX-M RWD Drift Car Kit

Max Speed Technology Teases 1/10 RMX-M RWD Drift Car Kit

Newly announced by Max Speed Technology is the 1/10th scaled RMX-M RWD Drift Car Kit. The innovators over at MST are now teasing the RMX-M which fits Tamiya M-Class bodies and has two different wheelbases to choose from. The RMX-M is expected to start shipping in Q2 of 2023. You can use this link to get more details on the Max [...]


Bittydesign RC 10th AR8-GT3 190mm Clear Body

Bittydesign 1/10 AR8-GT3 190mm Clear On-Road Body

New from Bittydesign is the 1/10th scaled AR8-GT3 190mm Clear On-Road Body. With a hot super car look, and designed for excellent performance, the AR8-GT3 is a great choice for your next touring or drift car build. Check out these highlights- * Premium quality, molded from genuine Lexan * Fits 1/10 touring and drift cars – 190mm width, 257-260mm wheelbase * Includes wing [...]


Hobbywing Tunalyzer Brushless Motor Tester

Hobbywing Tunalyzer Brushless Motor Tester

New from Hobbywing is the Tunalyzer Brushless Motor Tester. This next generation tool is used for motor testing and tuning and can be used on both sensored, and non-sensored brushless motors. * Consistent and reliable test results * Accurate test modes * Stiffly regulated voltage * Manual test mode * Multi-function control dial * RPM is displayed in real time * 3″ touch color display * OTA [...]


Kyosho 2021 Toyota Tundra Wide Body RC Video

Video – Kyosho 2021 Toyota Tundra Wide Body

The good folks over at Kyosho have uploaded a new promotional video for their 2021 Toyota Tundra Wide Body Readyset. The Kyosho Tundra Wide Body sports some serious attitude on the outside and uses Kyosho’s easy to drive Fazer Mk2 chassis underneath. Watch the video below to see the Kyosho crew totally send the Tundra Wide Body. From catching air [...]


Fantom Racing RC Helix Outlaw Pro Spec Brushless Motors

Fantom Announces Helix Outlaw Pro Spec Brushless Motors

The crew at Fantom Racing has announced Helix Outlaw Pro Spec Brushless Motors. These high performance brushless motors will be available in 13.5, 17.5, or 21.5 winds. Here are the highlights- * Refined stator design for increased power and torque * New stator plate metallurgy * New collector ring design and improved silver plating * Solder tabs with silver plating * New improved stator position [...]


SWORKz RC 8th Zeus II Pro Brushless Monster Truck Kit

SWORKz 1/8 Zeus II Pro Electric Monster Truck Kit

New from SWORKz is the 1/8th scaled Zeus II Pro Electric Monster Truck Kit. This beast of a monster truck is made from high-end materials and was designed for hardcore use. Here are the highlights- * More balanced and improved design over the original * Hard coated 7075 aluminum chassis * 7075 aluminum shock towers * Pro kit 16mm BBS racing shocks * Oil filled [...]


JConcepts RC Razor 8th Buggy Truck Wing

JConcepts Announces New Razor 1/8th Buggy/Truck Wing

New from JConcepts is the high performance Razor 1/8th Wing for buggies and truggies. Designed for maximum performance, the new Razor wing is available in four different colors to help match the color of your race machine. Here are more highlights- * JConcepts single vertical side-dam creation * Angled leading edge, radiused corners for less resistance * Dropped center section for lower center [...]


Team Associated Apex2 Sport A550 Rally Car RTR

Team Associated 1/10 Apex2 Sport A550 Rally Car RTR

New and hot from Team Associated is the 1/10 Apex2 Sport A550 Rally Car RTR. This classic looking rally car comes on Associated’s dependable Apex2 Sport 4wd chassis and has a nicely scaled pre-painted polycarbonate body. Check out these highlights- * Front and rear independent suspension * Active rear suspension * Sealed center driveline to keep out dirt and debris * Reedy 550 size, [...]


Custom Works RC 10th Scale Patriot Drag Car Kit

Custom Works 1/10 Patriot Drag Car Kit

Coming soon to a drag strip near you is the Custom Works 1/10 Patriot Drag Car Kit. This ultra-high-end no-prep drag racing kit is littered with trick goodies to not only look good, but to also win the war of the timing lights. Here are the highlights- * Ball Bearing supported floating body mount system * Adjustable carbon fiber battery mount * Custom [...]


JConcepts ARRMA Kraton Option Parts

JConcepts Releases New ARRMA Kraton Option Parts

Over at JConcepts they have just announced a bunch of Option Parts for the mighty 6S ARRMA Kraton. From heavy duty aluminum shock towers, to a very trick carbon fiber front-to-rear chassis brace, all the new JC parts were designed for maximum performance. Here are the details- ARRMA Kraton 6s BLX – Aluminum Rear Shock Tower * Made from 7075 CNC machined [...]


KO Propo RSx4S-one10X Type-T Servo

KO Propo RSx4S-one10X Type-T Low Profile Servo

New from KO Propo is the RSx4S-one10X Type-T Servo. The low-profile sizing of the new KO makes it easy to fit into 1/10 buggies or on-road cars, while still providing elite performance. Check out these highlights- * Torque – 12.5Kg-cm @7.4 volts * Speed – 0.09sec/60deg @7.4 volts * Size – 40.5 × 26 × 21mm * Weight – 50.5 grams * Servo Lead – [...]


HPI Racing Vorza Skatepark Fun and Drone Take Out Video

Video – HPI Racing Vorza Skatepark Fun and Drone Take Out

The crew at HPI Racing have just released a new promotional video for their Vorza line-up of bash rigs. Watch the video shown below to see HPI Vorzas going hard at a local skate park. With huge airtime and some drone carnage, the video is a great way to spend a few minutes seeing just how extreme the HPI Vorza [...]


Team Associated RC Datsun 240Z Apex2 Sport RTR

Team Associated 1/10 Datsun 240Z Apex2 Sport RTR

New from the crew at Team Associated is the 1/10th scaled Datsun 240Z Apex2 Sport RTR. The Team Associated crew went to great lengths to perfectly scale this Japanese classic Datsun 240Z into radio-controlled form. Here are the highlights- * Fully licensed by Nissan * Budget friendly Apex2 Sport chassis * Beautiful true-to-life scale version of the full-size classic * Front and rear independent [...]


Serpent RC 2023 8th SRX8 GT Nitro Kit

Serpent Announces 2023 1/8 SRX8 GT Nitro Kit

New from Serpent is the high-end 2023 1/8 SRX8 GT Nitro 4WD On-Road Kit. The SRX8 is famous worldwide for its speed, now it has been improved to be even faster, lighter, as well as more reliable. Check out these highlights- * New hybrid-aluminum bulkheads * New radio box & lightweight rear body mount * New adjustable caster blocks * New shock bodies, pistons, [...]