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Avid RC Ringer Titanium Turnbuckles Associated B7

Avid RC Announces Ringer Titanium Turnbuckles for the Associated B7

New from Avid RC are Ringer Titanium Turnbuckles for the speedy Team Associated B7 Race Buggy. The new turnbuckles from Avid have directional A-Arrow’s machined into the center for an extra trick look and are extra thick to prevent breakage or bending during a crash. Here are more highlights-

* Shiny black finish with silver highlights
* Avid’s infamous replacement guarantee if they bend or break
* Machined from billet 6Al-4V titanium and threads have been cold rolled
* Bright ringer grooves
* Beefy 4mm adjustment center
* Includes – (6) M3.5×48 Ringer titanium turnbuckles

The Avid Ringer Titanium Turnbuckles for the Associated B7 are street priced at $50 and have a part number of #AV10133.

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