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Awesome news from ROAR

This could quite possibly be one of the coolest announcements of the last decade.  ROAR is creating a new provisional racing class for 1/16 scale electric powered TANKS.  That’s right.  Tanks.  Check out these additions to the ROAR rule book.

Under section 5.3 – Scale tracked vehicles (tanks) powered by electric motors are a permanent demonstration class.  They may be run at all levels, unless specifically prohibited.

Under section 6 Body, Bumper and Wing Tank Hulls: Tanks hulls must be of realistic style from the World War II era and later.  These include:

  • M4 Sherman
  • M26 Pershing
  • M48 Patton
  • Tiger II/King Tiger
  • Gepard
  • Leopard 2
  • T-72
  • T-90

Others are to be excluded only at the discretion of the race director.

Under section 7.3 Tire Rules

7.4.1 – Tracks must be made of metal and provide a realistic appearance. – Molded rubber caps may be bonded to individual links on the track.  The cap must not provide any reinforcement between links.

7.4.2 – All track must be completely contained under the tank’s bodywork.  No amount of track may be exposed outside the width of the armor.

Probably the most explosive (heh…) new set of rules pertain to ordinance.  I’m not going to quote anything here because the rules are long in this area, but suffice it to say, your tank can have a real functioning main gun and you can attempt to disable your opponents tanks during the course of the race.

There’s a ton more in the rule book so be sure to check it out by going to the ROAR web site.

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