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Knight Customs Axial Deadbolt Parts

Axial Deadbolt Hop-Up Parts from Knight Customs

The folks over at Knight Customs have announced a bunch of new parts to upgrade your Axial Deadbolt with.

First up is a choice of two different front grills. One is the Angry version (#AD10006, $16) that features a tougher look than the stock style unit (#AD10007, $14). Both require the use of the Axial light bucket set (#AX80045).

The next part is pretty neat looking, a twin exhaust. It has a part number of #AJ10008 and has a low street price of around $9.

A custom snorkel is also available, which is a great detail piece to add to the Deadbolt. The Knight Customs unit comes in three parts which allows you to make it flexible with fuel tubing. The part number is #AD10008 and it is priced at $23.

Also available is a 3D printed steel front bumper. Not only is it tougher than stock, but the fact it is 3D printed is pretty cool too. It has a part number of #AD10009 and is priced at $49.

Last up is a custom roof rack basket. The basket is very realistic and adds a nice touch the Deadbolt. It is priced at $54 with a part number of #AJ10014 ($54.13).

Right Here is the link you need to get some of these parts on the way for your own Deadbolt, or you can hit up This Link for more Axial news on BigSquidRC.


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