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axial exo

Axial EXO Kit Details

axial exo

The folks from Axial have updated their webpage with a ton of new details about the EXO Terra Buggy. Being the masters of scale, Axial has not skimped on the licensed parts for this buggy! To name a few, Hankook, Icon, Raceline, Fuel Safe, Griffin, Corbeau, PIAA, Wilwood, Turn Key, and there are probably a few I missed! The attention to detail looks just awesome! Even though they have a ton of detail, I’m sure we will see some insane scale realism builds!

The front and rear light bars will be ready for LED installation, which is cool because lights are becoming more and more popular with their ability to be waterproofed. It also has a waterproof receiver box, so you know were gonna have to be ready for the wet stuff!

Some other new details from Axial is that the chassis disassembly will only take 20 screws and 3 tools. This I think will be a touchy subject with the bashing crowd. Just like we saw back with the HPI MTT. Nobody wants to spend 10 minutes working on their vehicle, so they can then start working on their vehicle, or struggle to replace a battery. We will leave those judgements till review time though. Maybe it’s easier than it looks. Enjoy some new pics!

Hit the Axial site for more info, and here’s a direct EXO page link.

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Posted by in Axial on Monday, November 28th, 2011 at 12:20 am