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Axialfest 2020 Preview and Setup Video

Axialfest 2020 officially starts this Thursday! (7/16/2020). Jeremy headed down early to get a behind the scenes preview and sneak peak at some of the hard work that is going on behind the scenes to make Axilfest the amazing event that it is!

Many of the folks from Axial and Horizon Hobby were kind enough to answer questions from Jeremy about the event, while working away. Thanks to everyone who took the time to chat!

Head over to YouTube to watch it in 4k goodness if you want, and please don’t forget to hit that thumbs up button if you enjoyed the video, it lets us know we are doing it right. Also, please subscribe to the channel, and hit that notification bell so you can be made aware of any future videos we post to the page.

If you attending the event, make sure to stop by the Big Squid RC booth at the event and say hello!

To get full details on Axialfest Badlands simply click the link, or you can Click Right Here to read more Horizon Hobby news on BigSquidRC.

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Posted by in Events on Wednesday, July 15th, 2020 at 10:42 am