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Bash-A-Palooza 2011 Event Summary

So if you happen to catch RC news posted over the weekend, it probably had something to do with the word Bash-A-Palooza. The bash event itself was a blast! We had people drive in from all over the place to take part in the event, including two from Oklahoma! (about 700 miles from the event!) So that was really cool. As with all of our bash events, it was great to meet a ton of new people, talk to fans/readers of the site, and just hang out with them. It’s also fun to be able to give them prizes as a way to show our appreciation of them. Speaking of, special thanks go out to our prize sponsors for this weekend, Thunder Tiger, Futaba, Trak Power, Pro-Line, and HPI Racing!

The bash consisted of four events with two classes, short course and monster truck.
We started off with the obstacle course. Drivers had to navigate their vehicles over jumps and around barriers for two laps before ending in a pit of 27mhz and 75mhz stock controllers. The first driver to touch a controller was the winner. Talk about carnage! Vehicles were launching about 15 feet to land in a mess of antenna’s and transmitters, and it was awesome to watch them go flying! The crowds really enjoyed seeing them fly into the air with battery holders flying in ever direction.

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The second event was monster soccer. We had our huge RC sticker covered ball in the middle with teams of 5 per side trying to push the ball down the field into the other goal. This event was a real crowd favorite because there were some awesome shots and blocks made with 10 cars flying all over the bash area trying to knock the ball into the goal. There was also some huge hits when two or 3 cars were flying at top speeds and slamming into each other as the ball would go flying into the air. By the time of the 3rd or 4th round, yelling “GOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL” at the top of my lungs over the PA system, voice was shot.

The their event is an original event created by us called Parking Lot Wars. We would start with 10 vehicles, but only 9 parking spots. The music would blast as cars would circle around the spots (like musical chairs) when the music stops, the cars all have to try and find a parking spot. The car that does not, is out, we take away one spot, and go again till there is only 1 parking spot remaining. This has been a fun new event for us, and I think the drivers like it because it’s different from the normal stuff.

Our last event is the demolition derby! There is no marshaling in this event, and the last truck moving wins. As trucks slammed into each other the would get tossed onto their lids, or broken till there was only one vehicle remaining. Good times, lots of carnage, another crowd favorite.

Thanks to all the bashers who came out to spend the day with us breaking their vehicles! We hope to see you all again at a bash real soon.

This was the first time we had run a bash where we would have a large amount of audience members (not just us doing a demo) and it was great to introduce them to how we like to do RC compared to who the folks racing do their thing. I never heard the people at the dirt track ‘cheering’ or ‘laughing’ at stuff that was happening there because nobody knows what’s going on. But when they see a ball go through a goal, or the winner slam into a mountain of transmitters, they know exactly what we are doing and why. Hopefully we got a few more people interested in the hobby, and were able to show them it’s all about having fun!

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