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Thunder Tiger MT4-G3

Bash Vehicle of the Year!

We have been arguing discussing what vehicle we thought deserves the honor of Big Squid RC’s Bash Vehicle of the Year for a while now. A lot of great vehicles have driven over our desks this year, and while I think it was close between several, one really stood out.

Thunder Tiger MT4-G3

Thunder Tiger MT4-G3 Monster Truck

This year’s winner of Bash Vehicle of the Year goes to the Thunder Tiger MT4-G3 1/8th scale monster truck. It was darn near indestructible while being launched off dozens of huge ramps, super fast out of the box with the ability to run on 4S or 6s, and it was just a beast of a machine all around! Congratulations Thunder Tiger for making an awesome truck! You can read our full review HERE.

Traxxas Stampede 4x4 VXL

I mentioned the decision was close.. the other two vehicles that we have been going back and forth with were the Traxxas Stampede 4×4 (see our review here) which brought us a lot of back flipping skate park enjoyment this year. You can see our video of it in action HERE.

The other close contender was the Speed Passion RS2. (check our review here) For it’s insane $99 sale price tag, with a brushless motor and 2.4GHz radio system! It was truly the budget basher! Heck it was like buying a brushless system and getting a truck and radio for free!

If you are looking to do some serious bashing, you can’t really go wrong with any of the 3 vehicles above, now get out there and bash!

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