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Bashers Basics – The Bench – Parts Organization

So you are starting to get really into this RC thing huh? Well no doubt that by now you have had a few parts breakages, and everyone knows the hopeful call to the local hobby shop to see if the part you need so desperately is in stock. If it is, rejoice that you will be back and running in no time, but if by any rotten bit of luck they don’t have the part you need, you are forced to the online stores, place an order, and watch as the package grinds its way slowly across the continent and onto your front porch after an eternity of layovers, delays, and God forbid a customs check.

Well at least now you have your part, and you can get back up and running, and you have learned your lesson, and you do some research, and decide to stock up on some of the more commonly broken parts. Once they arrive, you now have the daunting task of organizing them so that you spend less time in the shop, and more time on the trails! Well don’t fear, Bashers Basics is here!

In this situation, the dollar store is your best friend, and it is a good idea to schedule a trip down ASAP! Look for clear, stackable, small/medium sized containers, and some compartmentalized containers for gears and screws, while the larger containers are ideal for electronics, axels and driveshafts, shocks, and plastic parts.

Bashers Basics

However, we now have a problem, all these boxes and cases are cluttering your new RC desk, so it is highly recommended to get some wall mounted shelves. Easily found at your local hardware stores, the ajustable height models are recommended so that you can tailor the space between shelves to the height of the the clear boxes that you got earlier. Hopefully in this way, you can access all the parts you need with minimal digging through boxes, and it comes in even more handy when you eventually find yourself with multiple rigs! For now at least, it is a great way to keep track of all the spare parts that you have, keep your RC space clean, and keep the time you do spend on the bench as efficient as possible!

Bashers Basics

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