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Bashers Basics — Upgrading Batteries

Hello and welcome back to Bashers Basics! In this post, we will look at batteries, and what you need to know before upgrading. I fondly remember the days where I rocked that 7 cell Nimh battery, trying to extract every last ounce of power out of my “rtr” battery. Hard core guys will say that is nothing, and tell you all about the days of Nicad batteries, but lets look at Nimh and Lipo batteries for today. So should you take the plunge, and get that shiny lipo that all your friends at the track rave about? Well there are a few things you need to do before you open your wallet, so let’s get started!

Firstly, make sure your esc is compatible, it will likely have a lipo cutoff mode if it is a recent model, but if not then simply purchase a low voltage alarm. Make sure you know how to turn lipo cutoff mode on, and under no circumstance run a lipo in your car if you are uncertain if lipo cutoff mode is on. Now its time to take a trip to your LHS, where they will get you properly set up, or if there isn’t one near you, take a trek to your computer, and let’s get buying!

There are three things you need to buy;

Lipo compatable charger.
Lipo charging fireproof bag.
Lipo batteries.

For the charger, I highly recommend the Hitec X1 AC Plus. All the features you are going to need, and fully capable to charge your lipo battery. Always charge your batteries in a fireproof bag, you can find one here.

Now for the main feature, the batteries themselves. Your choice will vary on the kind of RC you own, but for most 1/10 scale cars, 2-3 cell lipos are the norm. You will need to consult your esc for limits for batteries. As for mah count, the higher the number, the longer you can drive. For a SLASH 2WD, This Battery from MaxAmps is ideal, and for a LOSI 8IGHT T E, This Pack is a good choice. Your battery choice will vary between these extremes, and possibly exceed this, but these are the main guidelines.

Batteries may not be the most exciting purchase you have ever made, but the performance boost that you will receive from the upgrade will be well worth the cash. Now you are ready to rip! Go out, and have a great bash!

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