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Beaver Stick Creations: Chaos DVD Review

The BeaverStick guys have been making RC videos for a long time. If you go check their web site, you’ll see what I mean. They have a TON of videos there to download.

The quality of the DVD is really good. The video and audio quality were great on the home stereo and LCD TV. It’s nice to see people actually trying to bring some quality stuff to the RC front. There’s so much junk out there, sometimes I think people are shooting them on their video phones. Along with the good video quality, they did a great job of getting some good independent music. It’s your typical hard rock stuff, but it was all easy on the ears.

The video itself is about 1 hour long. With a little more then half of it consisting of RC bashing goodness, and the rest, your standard random racing footage.

The BeaverStick guys cover most of the standard RC stuff. Jumping onto building roofs, big crashes, huge air, loosing wheels, etc. There wasn’t really anything out of the ordinary, just your basic bashing fun.

If you are one of those guys (like me) who needs a constant flow of new RC footage, and your collection hasn’t grown in a while, then you should consider picking up this DVD. I would have liked to of seen some more original stuff, or a few more things that made me say ‘Ohh, and Ahhh’ but overall it’s a decent video.

One of the only things that bugged me was the fact that they put up their BSC logo at the beginning of EVERY chapter. So about every 3 minutes, I had to watch 20 seconds of their logo. It’s not like I left the couch, or forgot what DVD I had in the player. The bug/logo was still in the bottom right corner, so I know what DVD it is. This isn’t a huge deal, but for all those future DVD makers, do us a favor, and keep the constant reminders to a minimum.

In the end, if you are looking to drop $20 on a RC DVD, and you have most of the other big names out there already, this video would be a fine addition to your collection.

For more information and video clips check out the BeaverStick Creations web site!

Time to Bash9/10 Remove Disc, insert in DVD player. Press PLAY.
Workability9/10 Play All, and Select Chapters.
Car Show Rating8/10 The video quality and audio were very good!
Bash-A-Bility10/10 The DVD was good quality!
Big Squid Rating8.0/10 Tentacles. Pretty standard stuff here, but well done, and top quality.


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