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Big Brushless news from Team Novak!

In what I would pretty much consider a “Stop The Presses!” moment today, Team Novak dropped me a press release with talks of conversion kits for many popular NITRO buggies to convert them to brushless! Now I know what you are thinking… ok.. so they probably made a kit for one OFNA, the one that came out that one week that had a Tuesday in it..(yea they come that often, come on it’s funny cuz it’s true!). But NO! The Novak people mean business! Check this list: Associated RC-8, CEN Matrix, Hot Bodies Lightning, Kyosho Inferno, Mugen MBX5, X-Ray XB8, OFNA 9.5/Ultra, OFNA Hyper 8, OFNA Hyper 7!!!!
WOW! Is there a major player not covered there?! If I can have a solid buggy, that can take a true basher beating, and is just as fast or faster… Sign me up! How big is that news?

To help complete the conversion, Team Novak is releasing six Mod 1 Steel Pinion Gears for 5mm Shafts! My guess is you are going to need these to handle all that weight and power. To top it off, Novak is offering a HV Brushless Motor 5mm upgrade kit to equip your existing 4.5 and 6.5 HV High-Voltage Brushless motor with a 5mm output shaft! That should really help the strength!

Make sure to hit the Team Novak webpage and get the full press releases in the NEW Product Forum!

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Posted by in brushless, Novak on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008 at 11:25 pm