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Big Squid RC 2015 Bash Vehicle of the Year!

First we would like to congratulate Losi and Horizon Hobby on their win with the Mini WRC 1/5th Scale for Vehicle of the Year 2015! We believe 2015 was a turning point for large scale vehicles, and as the popularity grew there were only a handful of vehicles in this class worth driving. The Losi Mini WRC proved to be a real basher. Time and time again it has been a go-to vehicle, and it never fails to disappoint! It’s also one of the few that rarely actually drives home, while most of our other go-to’s go home in pieces. The original price of $1700+ kept it out of the running towards the begining, but when the price dropped to $999, we would argue that there isn’t a better large scale vehicle at that price point available, and while it’s still not in everyone’s budget, it’s an incredible value at that price. If you ever want to see Wrench (aka Bill) smile from ear to ear, hand him the WRC controller, and then good luck getting it out of his hands! The abuse we can give this vehicle is ridiculous. The AVC Control, the easy starts and incredible durability are what put the Losi 1/5th scale on top.

You can read our full Losi Mini WRC Review here.

The decision this year proved more difficult then ever. Normally we have five or six standout vehicles, and when we actually look at them side by side, there is usually a clear winner, but this year the top vehicles were all really great. Here are the runner ups.

Team Durango DEX8T (Review Here)
Thunder Tiger Bushmaster (Review Here)
ARRMA Senton (Review Here)
Traxxas X-Maxx (Review Here)
ECX AMP Desert Buggy (Review Here)

If you are looking to pick up a new vehicle, your shopping list can be found above.

Congratulations again to Losi and Horizon for pulling off the win for 2015! Get out there and bash hard for 2016!

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