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Since the beginning of Big Squid RC, we have always posted the occasional RC Boat News in our rc-boat tag, and we have also posted RC Plane News under our RC Plane tag. While 99% of our news is surface related, as bashers we tend to dabble in other things.
Most of us here own or have owned several boats, and most of us have also flown (read crashed) several planes. Only 3DBill can actually claim to be an rc pilot, and none of us are big into the boat scene, but we all enjoy hitting the waves, or flying on occasion. It is for that reason, we have decided to start bringing you a little more news in both of these areas.
Before you start sending the hate mail (address those to Cubby btw) we can promise that we are not forgetting that we are mainly about the monster trucks and cars. We will continue to be mainly truck and car and surface news, but don’t be surprised if you see a new boat story, or a possible plane or quad review.
We are bashers at heart, always have been, and always will be! Not like all those other ‘news sites’ who have been die hard racers for the last 20 years, and only in the last few that we have started kicking their butts and leaving them in the dust have they started using the word ‘basher’ on their sites. You know who we are talking about, and so do they. They aren’t fooling anyone. There is no ‘car’ or ‘truck’ or ‘drive’ in our name. We are BIG SQUID RC and we enjoy bashing in every form of RC we can get our hands on! Every bash or event we have ever done, there is usually some other form of RC present, and we think it’s time to talk about it all.

We aren’t changing who we are, or what we do, we are just bringing you more of it. Welcome to Big Squid RC 2013!

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Thank you for all of your Support! We look forward to another year of leading RC News.


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