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Big Squid RC Live! Show #17

[Update: Live show is now over. Check out the replay above or on our YouTube channel.]

Welcome to Big Squid RC Live tv video show for make happy time on your internet box dot com. Tonight’s show is probably going to be about March-Bashness 2013. Maybe some other stuff thrown in for good measure. Brian probably won’t be in again, he’s in Vegas trying to save this sinking ship, he took the last $97 in the Big Squid bank account and he’s putting it all on Black 29. So that means hosting duties are left to me, Jeff. Once again you’ll be witness to a slow motion train wreck. It’ll be awesome I promise! We do have our chatbox back tonight so feel free to chat along and we’ll answer your questions and even INTERACT with YOU live!

Tonight’s show is sponsored by Duratrax and their wonderful Onyx chargers. Check them out at the Duratrax website.

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