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Big Squid RC Live Show #31 [Update: Over, also Surprise: Savage Octane in the hizzay!]

Update 2: Sorry, we temporarily removed the video so we can cut out some of the technical difficulties we had and clean it up a little.
It will be back up soon!

[Update: Show’s over, but we had all kinds of great stuff this show with a few special guests from HPI (hint: one of them is the Savage Octane) and Pro-Line stopping by to chat with us. If you only watch one episode of Big Squid RC Live, this is it.]

With any luck, Brian and Tim will be connecting live from the HobbyTown USA show in Nebraska. If not, you can expect a lot of dead air and awkward silences as the rest of us try our hardest to waste 30 – 45 minutes of your night. The show will be kicking off at 9:00(ish)pm CDT on this very night, on this very web page. The chat room is open now, so go ahead and get your chat on, one or more of us will be popping in and out while preparing for the show.

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