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SEMA Show 2016 Coverage Pictures

BigSquidRC SEMA Show 2016 Coverage

Right now, the 50th Anniversary SEMA Show is taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show is strictly for members of the automotive industry and has been a fantastic way to showcase all the products of speed-equipment manufacturers over the years. With rc cars becoming more scale authentic every day, the BigSquidRC Bash Crew had to make our way out to SEMA and experience it for ourselves.

Our main goal while attending SEMA 2016 was to provide show coverage for rc car manufacturers like Traxxas, with a secondary goal of soaking in what is hot in the full scale market. After doing miles of walking around the show, these are the hottest trends that we saw.

Tricked out, mile high, full sized pickup trucks – We seemingly could not walk 10 feet without running into another lifted, full sized, deisel that was sporting huge rims and relatively low profile tires. These trucks had incredibly cool lift kits, body mods, and power upgrades. Also, thanks in part to their sheer size, you couldn’t help but to notice them.

Full car wraps with custom graphics – Nearly every single car/truck that we walked by that had a killer “paint scheme” had no paint at all, they were wrapped with custom graphics. Some of the cars looking mind blowing, while on others it was easy to tell that the person that applied the wrap needed more training. While the ultra high-end builds were still paint, wraps were on a large percentage of the cars/trucks that we saw.

In-car WiFi connectivity – There were more booths promoting “connected cars” than we could count. This is the future of automotive technology that will change how we use (and even drive) cars in the very near future.

Off-road accessories for Jeep Wranglers – Full scale Jeeps are still selling like hotcakes and their owners love to customize them, just like us rc’ers. The aftermarket force for the Wrangler market is still incredibly strong, you can basically replace every single part on your Wrangler with an upgrade unit that is strong/lighter/tricker/better.

Of course, the SEMA Show has every type of automotive upgrade that you could possibly think of, but the above trends were the ones that stood out the most to us. To give all of you at home a feel for what it was like to attend the show, have a look at the HUGE Gallery below. From drift cars, to NASCAR, to mudders, to Tesla upgrades, the SEMA show did not disappoint.

We have more posts coming from the show, until then you had hit up This Link to visit the official SEMA website or you can Click Here to see more of our show coverage.


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