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Bittydesign 8th Divina Clear On-Road ARRMA Body

Bittydesign 1/8 Divina Clear On-Road Body

New and hot from Bittydesign is the 1/8 Divina Clear On-Road Body. The Divina is sized to fit vehicles like the ARRMA 1/8 Vendetta & Infraction 4WD MEGA, as well as other 1/8th on-road machines. Check out these highlights-

* Made from genuine 1mm thick Lexan polycarbonate
* Rear wing hardware is included
* Wheelbase – 335mm
* Width – 256mm
* Protective overspray film
* Decal sheet and window masks provided
* 5 axles mold made with the most advanced CNC technologies

The Bittydesign 1/8 Divina Clear On-Road Body has a part number of #BDAR8-DIV and is street priced at €69 (around $67).

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