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Bittydesign RC Airbrush Starter Kits

Bittydesign Airbrush Starter Kits

Over at Bittydesign they have announced a full line-up of Airbrush Starter Kits. The kits are set up to suit beginners to pros and are a great way to take your painting skills to the next level. These high quality airbrush kits are convenient to use and can save you some cash. Here are the highlights-

Bittydesign Airbrush Starter Kits

* Entry level Michelangelo – €145, #STK-182SSTD
* Plus Michelangelo – €140, #STK-182SPLUS
* Advance Michelangelo – €155, #STK-182SADV
* Michelangelo stencil combo – €197, #STK-182SSTC
* M&C combo – €254, #STK-DUO

To get full details on the Bittydesign Airbrush Starter Kits, simply click the link. Also, you can click right here to read more Bittydesign News on Big Squid.


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