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Boom Racing Gyro

Boom Racing 007-BR Drift Gyro

The rc world is truly split about gyros, half consider them the Devil, while the other half appreciate how their technology enhances the driving experience. If you’ve ever driven a rear wheel drive drift car, then you already know how incredibly hard they are to get around a track. To help make RWD drift cars more fun, Boom Racing has released a 007-BR Drift Gyro. The gyro makes steering corrections to make your RWD drift car a joy on the track, instead of frustrating.

* Aluminum case
* Weight- 13.5g
* Size- 25.6 x 24.5 x 10.0mm
* Input voltage- 3.6-6V
* Sensor- Vibrating gyroscopic
* PID control system
* Angular Velocity- Maximum ±5000/s
* Comes in a variety of different colors

The Boom Racing gyro is street priced at just $29 and they are available at This Link over on the official AsiaTees Hobbies website.

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