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Boom racing aluminum upgrades latrax

Boom Racing Aluminum Upgrades for the Latrax Teton

Boom racing aluminum upgrades latrax
The folks over at AsiaTees Hobbies wanted to let everyone know that Boom Racing now has a slew of aluminum upgrades for the Latrax Teton. Designed to be extra durable for hardcore bashing, they also look pretty slick with their anodized finish (available in four different colors). The upgrades include- front & rear shock towers, front & rear c-hubs, front knuckles, upper plate & deck, front & rear a-arms, front & rear body posts, front & rear gear box, and clutch case. Hit up This Link for complete details over on the official AsiaTees website.

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Posted by in LaTrax, New Products on Friday, September 26th, 2014 at 6:58 pm