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Bowhouse RC LCG Chassis Conversion Kit Axial SCX24

Bowhouse RC LCG Chassis Conversion Kit for the SCX24

Now available from Bowhouse RC is a LCG Chassis Conversion Kit for the Axial Racing SCX24. The chassis was designed to lower the center of gravity to improve handling and off road capabilities. Check out these highlights-

* LCG battery tray drops battery by 4mm
* LCG ESC tray rotates and lowers the ESC below the rails
* ESC tray includes integrated shock mounts in 2 positions
* Reuses stock hardware for installation
* Option to install battery on ESC tray and ESC on battery tray for maximum forward weight bias

The Bowhouse LCG Chassis Conversion Kit has a part number of #B24-0010 and is street priced at just $20.

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