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Box Full of Uberness – Aluminum Upgrades for the Yeti XL from Hot Racing and TheToyz

We are just like you guys, when we going bashing with the crew, we like to push the limits. While our review Axial Yeti XL Kit proved to be quite tough, when the going gets extreme (like at the end of the day), every vehicle could use some beefing up.

We got with the folks over at to see what they would recommend for an “extreme basher” Yeti XL. Before we knew it, the postman was knocking on our door with a box from Hot Racing. TheToyz stocks a bunch of aluminum upgrades for the Yeti XL, with many of them being from Hot Racing.

After we quickly ripped the box open we took a few pictures of some of the parts that we’ll be using for our extreme Yeti XL build. The items we received from Hot Racing include-

LED666P01- 66 LED light bar
SYET268T- Steel spur gear 68t
YET15H- Vented slipper hubs
YEX08R01- Aluminum truss/link mount
YEX1000T- CNC steel center gear set
YEX109FS23- Factory spec rear springs
YEX109RS23- Progressive springs
YEX10X02- Aluminum 17mm wheel hubs and nuts
YEX11C01- Aluminum diff cup
YEX14U01- CNC aluminum front upper chassis bulkhead
YEX156R01- Aluminum shock reservoir
YEX16A01- Aluminum lower link mount
YEX16U01- Aluminum upper link mount
YEX1802- Aluminum motor plate
YEX1901- CNC front caster block c-hubs
YEX2101- Aluminum steering knuckles
YEX2201- Aluminum rear axle adapter
YEX2801- Aluminum front shock tower
YEX2901- Aluminum front body mount base
YEX311F- Aluminum front sway bar kit
YEX311R- Rear sway bar set
YEX331W01- Aluminum wench mount skid plate
YEX38A01- Heat sink motor mount
YEX56L01- Aluminum lower ladder bar
YEX56U01- Aluminum upper ladder bar

We have minions spinning wrenches getting all the gear mounted up as this is being typed, but you’ll have to wait a few weeks for the full write-up on the project. Until then you can hit up This Link to check out all the other aluminum upgrades that Hot Racing has to offer and you can Click Right Here to head over to the official website.

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