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Brian Deegan Hit By RC Helicopter

Brush With Death – Brian Deegan Talks About RC Helicopter Chaos

Being an action sports superstar isn’t easy, and Brian Deegan knows that first hand. In Brian’s latest YouTube video he talks about what it was like filming commercials back in the good old days. On one shoot, Brian recalls being hit by an rc helicopter while going over a jump. Now days, tiny quads with plastic blades are used for such things, but back in his day, filming was done on Beta Cams mounted on large, gas powered helicopters. Those helicopters had 6 foot long carbon fiber blades, which turn out to be quite dangerous should you be hit by one.

In the video below, Brian talks about how one of those beasts actually hits him as he went over a jump, hitting his head and arm, and narrowly missing his neck. Needless to say, Brian is stoked those days are long gone, and that modern drone technology actually makes that type of filming much safer. And yes, the entire helicopter incident is shown in the video below (at the 48 second mark).

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