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Brushed 2WD Short Course Truck Shootout – Features

Brushed 2WD Short Course Truck Shootout – Features

Brushed Short Course Truck Shootout Features

In an affordable price category like brushed 2wd short course trucks, features can mean a lot. Features can make life easier, they can help make a truck faster, and they can make one truck preferable over the next. After looking over everything the trucks had to offer, this is how we ranked them.


1HPI Blitz
2ECX Torment
4Traxxas Slash

We put the Slash in fourth place because of its lack of battery and charger. On the upside it did come with an extra spur gear.

In third was the Fury, which did come with a battery and charger (albeit a slow one).

Second place was filled by the Torment that came with a battery and 1 hour charger out of the box.

The Blitz took home the win in this category because it came with a battery & charger, it came with an extra spur, and it came standard with a metal motor plate.

You have made it to the end, nice job! Lets head over to the Final Results!