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Brushed 2WD Short Course Truck Shootout

Brushed 2wd Short Course Truck Shootout Group 2

Readers of Big Squid RC will know that doing shootouts is sort of a big thing for us. Shootouts are one of the things that put us on the map because we are the only places brave enough to put vehicles head to head from different manufacturers and actually pick a winner and a looser. Most places won’t and can’t do that.

It’s a very difficult task, and we do our best to come up with as many tests as possible to put the vehicles in so we can score them fairly. We spend many hours of testing, analyzing and then finalizing the scores based on how each vehicle did.

Every shootout, we get dozens of emails claiming this vehicle or that vehicle is better. Even here in house we all have our predictions of what vehicle will preform each task better, and each time we are shocked and surprised at the outcome. Until you have driving vehicles back to back like this, you never really know, and it’s hard to tell which is a clear winner till you do so.

The vehicles that took part in our Brushed 2WD Short Course Truck Shootout are:

Traxxas Slash

ECX Torment


HPI Blitz

Clicking the above links will take you directly to the manufacturers webpage for that vehicle, so if you are looking for more details, or something we didn’t cover you can head over to their page.

Brushed 2wd Short Course Truck Shootout Group 4

Each part can be treated as a mini review of these vehicles. There are a lot of pages here to read through, but we picked what details we felt were the most important to our readers.

We broke up each important test into the pages below. Don’t just skip to the results, there is a LOT of great information here for you to read.

Top Speed – How fast do these trucks go?

Pavement Driving – Bashers hit the streets often. How will these do?

Loose Surface Driving – It’s a rough world. What about the loose stuff?

Transmitter – Sometimes the radio is a big part of the experience.

Jumping – These aren’t on-road vehicles. Aim for the sky!

Durability – Survival of the toughest!

Ease of Use – You don’t want something difficult to work with.

Parts Availability – Everyone will break something. Can you get parts?

Price – For some it’s all about that price!

Looks – Sometimes it’s all about the looks. No hoopties here!

Features -What’s in the box, and what do you think you need?

Final Results – Hey STOP! Don’t just jump here and read who won. This link is here for when you come back at a later date and want to re-check something.

So those are the categories we decided were most important. Time to start reading, lets go to TOP SPEED!